Platinum One Destinations Makes it Final Stop of 2008 In L.A.

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That's right! This weekend is the last chance of 2008 for the Platinum One Destinations "Break Free and NetTrav on Us" Giveaway.

The past few months P1D has been traveling across the country starting east in Charlotte, NC, then moving on to Dallas, TX, and the final stop on December 5th and 6th is in Los Angeles, CA. The Synergy Summit in L.A. will focus on giving prospective members a vision of what they can expect when joining Platinum One Destinations, and will provide a comprehensive training for the current members.

Friday evening P1D leaders and founders will be on hand for a live "Q and A" after the business presentation. This is a chance to really dig deep and get the details about everything to do with Platinum One. Eric Dye, a Certified Synergy Instructor, will be there to share how to make P1D a business from anywhere in the world as he shares his experience about building his business from his home in Brazil.

Saturday will be a information packed day from beginning to end. Wesley Pennington, the charismatic event coordinator will keep you on your toes throughout the day as the witty host of the show. Co founder of the Synergy Marketing Group, Bob Biss, will be giving the business presentation and it is hard to find someone who knows the business better than he.

Other topics include Team Building Tips 201, NetTrav: Quickly Becoming a Household Name, Reaching the Top: How to Quickly Advance Up the P1D Compensation Plan, and Building the Dream Business Using the NetTrav GiveAway Offer- all given by the movers and shakers within the business.

Last but certainly not least is the NetTrav giveaway for all guests who attend. This is a way to get one stream of the Platinum One Destinations business going for free. To see more information about NetTrav and how you can get your business off the ground go to Platinum One Destinations Makes it Easier Than Ever to Get Started With NetTrav.

After the official Summit ends, the party continues into the evening with the social gathering. This is the time for members to get to know each other, for guests to meet a few more people, and for everyone to mingle, eat, and have a good time.

Seating is limited, so don't waste any time getting signed up. Go to for more information on the location of the summit and to and sign up in the lower right hand corner under live events.

If you are serious about researching a legitimate business opportunity where you have the potential to make a substantial income your very first year, you would be foolish to miss this opportunity.

Platinum One Destinations Makes It Easier Than Ever To Get Started With NetTrav

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With an eye on the current recession Platinum One Destinations understands the plight of many people not having the money to get started in a business. Their solution- help people earn money by giving away one of the eight streams of income- NetTrav.

NetTrav is an online replicated travel portal that offers trips, flights, hotels, cruises- you name it- at very competitive prices. The owners of the replicated sites can earn up to 80% of the commission from these trips booked just by having them booked through their site.

While NetTrav will not bring you the lucrative income that promoting the Platinum One Destinations exclusive memberships will, it can certainly put some extra dollars in your pocket.

For example, imagine a family of four booking a week long cruise that is approximately $1000 per person- a total of $4000. The average commission in the industry is 10 percent or in this case $400 of which a NetTrav member can earn anywhere from 50% to 80%. This would be $200 to $320 in this example.

If you are taking a serious look at Platinum One Destinations, the gift of a NetTrav portal offers several advantages.

It increases your belief in the business. Not only does the free NetTrav portal show goodwill, it gives you an opportunity to see the type of people they would be dealing with on a daily basis. You will be able to earn some money yourself and you will also be able to see firsthand that people are really doing the things that they say. Any skepticism that you have will go down the drain.

It helps you to learn everything you need to know before making a further investment. As a NetTrav member, you are able to attend any company meetings and presentations and get to know the members and leaders within the company. You will be privy to the same trainings as exclusive members and be able to subscribe to the same marketing system.

You can earn your way into an exclusive membership. If money is what is holding you back, having the NetTrav portal will help you to earn those extra dollars needed to purchase your Platinum One Destinations exclusive membership. Additionally, if you choose to pay the $49 membership fee you can actually earn your membership for free just by selling five memberships.

Each P1D leader and mentor has their own criteria for receiving a NetTrav travel portal. For the most part you have to show a serious interest in the business and to attend the Wealth Building Event which covers the business in detail. P1D Team Platinum gives away the memberships at our "Meet the Team" right after the event.

Don't underestimate the power of the NetTrav portal. This is a tool that you can receive for free. Retailing for $99, this savings is just the beginning. It can be what propels you to the level of entrepreneurship that you are looking for.

Go to to start the process of receiving your NetTrav site. Complete the three steps and then contact me and we will get you going!

Platinum One Destinations- Eight Ways to Generate Income (Part 2 of 2)

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In the last article the first four ways to generate income in P1D were covered- the upfront income. Let's quickly list those.

1) Platinum One Destination Membership Sales.

2) Platinum One Destinations Qualifying Sales Commission.

3) Membership Sales Commission.

4) Travel Rebates and Commissions.

The last four income streams are the residual or back end income. These are streams that will start coming to you once you have built a team and will sometimes involve little to no work on your part. One of the big factors in building a network marketing company is the residual income- or the millionaire moneyBold as it has been called.

5) RTEC Direct Commissions.

Standing for Residual Team Earning Center, the RTEC is a completely automated system that works with your team and affinity line as well as your sponsors team and affinity line. P1D has used the phrase "earn while you learn" to describe the RTEC system.

Basically, your RTEC has 6 different positions. Two of these positions are unpaid while the other six positions are paid positions that are filled randomly when there is a sale in your team or affinity line or your sponsors team or affinity line. You will not make profit off of every sale made throughout the team, but as the software is automated you can easily make a commission from someone on your sponsors affinity line that you never met.

Depending on your standing (whether you have made your first P1D membership sale or not), you will be paid either a $62.50 or $125.00 commission for each slot filled. Once the RTEC is filled you will start a new one.

This has the potential of giving a great bonus income to someone who is on an active team.

6) RTEC- 50% matching bonus.

If you are an executive marketing associate and someone you directly sponsor makes a commission on their RTEC you will automatically receive a 50% matching bonus.

7) Platinum One Destinations Team Upgrades and Team Overrides.

This income stream is almost 2 in and of itself, but as P1D counts it as one, so will we.

Any time you have a team member who upgrades to a higher level you earn a commission on that upgrade. For instance, if you were a Gold EMA and one of your team members were to upgrade from Silver to Gold, the upgrade would cost them $4,500 resulting in a $2,250 commission for you.

As an added bonus, when someone upgrades to a new level they then have to complete two more training sales at that level. This gives you two additional sales in your pocket.

The team overrides are a little bit trickier to explain. Let's say for this example that you are a Silver EMA. You sell a Gold membership. Now a Gold Platinum One Destinations membership is $6000 resulting in a $3000 commission. However, as a Silver EMA the maximum that you can make off any sale is what a Silver commission is- $750. So where does the other $2250 go?

The excess commission will roll up your upline to the next person who is a Gold or Platinum member above you. Let's say that your sponsor is also a Silver member- that commission would bypass him. But his sponsor is a Gold member. His sponsor now made $2250 off of a sale three levels down- all because he was the next Gold member in line.

You can not only miss out on a lot of commissions this way but also a lot of overrides if you are a Silver member. Come in as high as you can to begin with. You will save money on additional training sales and will put yourself in a better position to begin with.

8. Executive Leadership Bonuses.

Last but certainly not least are the P1D Executive Leadership Bonuses. Once you reach a certain level in the organization measured by the number of Gold or Platinum sales you have you will be qualified to receive these bonuses.

Executive Leader bonuses or EL bonuses are given out for every Gold or Platinum sale that is made within the organization. Similar to the overrides, the EL bonuses roll up to the next Gold or Platinum EL in line (Just as a side note- you cannot receive both an override and a EL bonus on the same sale- the EL bonus would continue going up.)

Gold sales are a bonus of $750 and Platinum sales are a bonus of $2250. So that means if you are the first direct Executive Leader and someone has a Platinum sale and someone else has a Gold sale you would profit $3000.

If one person on your team had a Gold sale and one person on your team had one Platinum sale per month you would make an extra $36,000 a year. And you may not even know the person who had the sale.

So there you have it the eight ways to make money in Platinum One Destinations. A little different from the first four, the last four streams of income all rely on you building a team, which will in turn build you a substantial income.

For a more detailed overview of the Platinum One Destinations Income Streams click here.

Platinum One Destinations- Eight Ways to Generate Income (Part 1 of 2)

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Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group has really put their heads together to come up with a product and marketing system that will work for almost anyone. But let's face it- the question first and foremost on everyone's mind is- How do I make money?

In this two part article series, the eight different streams of income will be discussed. The first will be on the four upfront income sources.

1) Platinum One Destination Membership Sales.

With the P1D membership sales, there is a choice of Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Platinum memberships are $15,000, Gold memberships are $6000, and Silver memberships are $1500. Depending on where you are positioned you can make a profit of $750 up to $7500 per sale.

Although the member points are good for a lifetime, the membership itself is renewable annually for $99 of which the selling member receives an additional $50 annually per membership.

You can make the choice to sell the Platinum One Destinations Exclusive memberships either as a retail sale- where the customer is just looking to get the travel membership. Or you can use it to build a business- where other members are wanting to create an extra income for themselves. Or both.

You become "qualified" and in a profit position once your two training sales are complete.

2) Platinum One Destinations Qualifying Sales Commission.

After completing two training sales you are now an EMA or Executive Marketing Associate and can begin to build a team if you choose to do so. In this income stream, you, the EMA is making money off of your teams' qualifying sales.

The profit on this again depends on how you are positioned in the business and can range from $750-$7500 per sale.

For instance, You are a Gold EMA and make a sale to Sue who signs up with a Gold Platinum One Destinations Membership. You make a profit of $3000 from your sale to Sue (This is the first income stream).

Sue then has to complete her training sales and brings on Bob and Amy, both at Gold. Bob and Amy become a part of your immediate team and you make a commission of $3000 from both of them. This will total $6000. Add it to the profit from Sue's sign up and you have made $9000!

Now Sue is an EMA and you have two new team members Bob and Sue whom you are training. You will then receive the profit from those sales, Chuck, Dave, Mary, and Ed who all sign up at Gold. That will total $12000 in commission.

It continues to grow and soon takes on a snowball effect as your team gets larger.

3) Membership Sales Commission.

This is commission that is paid to you for every NetTrav membership that you sell. To make the $50 commission from the $99 sale, you only have to be a NetTrav member yourself. The NetTrav memberships, like the Platinum One Destinations memberships are renewable on a yearly basis which will create a extra $50 a year for each NetTrav membership that is renewed.

4) Travel Rebates and Commissions

With your NetTrav site you are able to do more than just sell additional NetTrav memberships. You will also earn discount travel rebates on travel that you yourself do and commissions on travel that others book at your site.

Your commissions range from 50% of the commission-able rate up to 80% of the commission-able rate depending on your position within Platinum One Destinations.

NetTrav members- 50%
Silver P1D members- 60%
Gold P1D members- 70%
Platinum P1D members- 80%

For instance, your sister books a cruise for herself, her husband, and her 2 children. The cruise is $900 a person and the commission rate is 10% or $90 per person. You can earn from $45 to $72 per person, or up to $288 total just on this one booking.

So that in a nutshell is the first four sources of income with Platinum One Destinations- the upfront streams. In the next article we will explore the last four streams.

Marketing Your Platinum One Destinations Business

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With so many business opportunities out there and so many ways to market them, it is no wonder that someone starting a new business doesn't really know where to turn. Even within Platinum One Destinations different people build their businesses in different ways and some have preferences for the way they build their business. My choice- a combination of different marketing methods keep you from having all of your eggs in one basket.

So what exactly are your choices? Below is a relatively small list of different ways to attract new members to your team with P1D.

Lead generation advertising- This method in and of itself is daunting if you just try to venture out and find a lead source to use. While a lead is a lead is a lead, you want to be sure that you are using a lead who has responded to a home business ad and is not expecting a job. Leads can be priced from pennies a piece all the way up to $25.00 depending on how qualified you want the person that you are talking to. The lead company that I prefer is Networker Central and I will tell you why.

Networker Central offers a variety of different lead packages depending on your budget. My favorite are the My Presentation leads which will send prospective team members directly to your Platinum One Destinations or Nettrav website- whichever you choose. Your prospect will then be added in to the auto responder in the back office of Networker Central. I have a great response from these leads- not only do I get in touch with a higher percentage than any other leads that I have used but they are about a third of the cost of other leads of the same caliber.

Lead generation is probably the simplest method of generating prospective team members for yourself. Others do the advertising and the legwork and you just decide how many leads of which type you want.

Guerrilla Marketing Techniques- Platinum One Destinations has the distinct advantage of having me as a certified guerrilla marketer. I have given several trainings on guerrilla marketing which is found in the Synergy-U of your website but the basic premise is that this type of marketing is for people who have extra time but not of extra money. Doing things such as handing out flyers, posting signs in high traffic areas, and auto responders are all simple, easy and inexpensive ways of creating people who are interested in gathering information on your business opportunity. One of the most popular methods of guerrilla marketing in use today is Web 2.0 marketing.

Web 2.0 Marketing- This aspect of marketing while simple and inexpensive takes a little more time and some knowledge about what you are talking about to be effective. Web 2.0 or viral marketing is a method of networking through social sites on the Internet to not only brand yourself, but to provide valuable information on your subject of expertise to people who are looking for such information. Web 2.0 marketing can also be used to directly market Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav or the opportunity that you are presenting. Blogs, MySpace, BetterNetworker, Digg, and YouTube are all examples of this type of marketing. You can also send out press releases when there have been exciting announcements from P1D and the Synergy Marketing Group or write articles and submit them to places such as Ezine articles or Articles Base.

Warm Market and Local Prospecting- A tried and true approach is talking to people in your sphere of influence or that you come in contact with on your daily travels. Even if these people are not looking to make any changes in their lives, they may know people that are. Be sure to have the right approach with people, you don't want them to run in the opposite direction when they see you in the future. Find out what they are looking for and what they want and then approach introducing your business from that direction.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use to assist you in creating interest in your Platinum One Destinations business. Each of them alone can be very effective, but if you combine two or more you can increase the number of people that you are introducing to your opportunity on a daily basis. Apply them consistently and your P1D and Nettrav business will grow in leaps and bounds.

Platinum One Destinations- NetTrav, A Review

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Platinum One Destinations- a home based travel business- has begun making waves in the network marketing industry with their travel portal, Nettrav. This review should help you to understand Nettrav, how it works, and why P1D has the corner on the market.

What is Nettrav?

Have you ever booked travel online? For most the answer to this question is yes. Have you ever made a commission off of the travel that you booked? For most, the answer to this question is no. Nettrav is designed to change that.

Nettrav is a replicated travel portal, or website, that allows people to book travel at a rate competitive to others sites such as Travelocity and Expedia. The site is continually being enhanced and major booking engines have been added making searches more definable and the site easier to navigate.

How Do People Make Money With Nettrav?

Nettrav is a stand-alone product of Platinum One Destinations and offers people two different streams of income.

The first is commission off of travel booked at each members site. A typical booking in the travel industry has a commission attached to it- except for domestic airfare, which was done away with years ago. This commission can range anywhere from a couple of percent up to 20% depending on the trip.

As a Nettrav member alone, the percentage of that commission earned is 50%. As a owner of Platinum One Destinations exclusive travel membership that commission can go up to as high as 80%.

Let's break it down:

You have a Nettrav membership and your neighbor books a cruise for him, his wife, and two kids. This cruise is $500 per person and pays a commission of 10% or $50 per person for a total of $200. As a Nettrav member, you will receive 50% of that- or 100 bucks. Not too shabby for directing someone to a site to do something they were going to do anyway.

Now, as a Platinum member within P1D you would have received 80% or $160. That's even better.

The second way to make money using Nettrav is by selling the replicated websites. These sites retail for $99 yearly and the profit from selling a site is $50. This becomes a residual income as every year each member must renew and you will receive $50 every time they renew.

More can be found about building residual income through the sales of Nettrav in the past post:

Platinum One Destinations- Turn a Daily $50 Commission Into $15,000 a month with Nettrav

Does Nettrav Offer Any Extra Features?

Nettrav offers a few extra features that make not only using Nettrav easier, but makes Nettrav stand out even more among the competition.

Taking advantage of the social networking craze that has hit the Internet community, Nettrav has its own Travel Lounge. This is a place where people can find out what other travelers had to say about a particular destination. Made up of travel tribes- there are blog posts, pictures, and tips about where and where not to stay and what and what not to do. Whether traveling by car, plane, ship the travel lounge is set up as a place where people can collaborate to make their vacation the best experience possible.

Nettrav also offers lots of professional tips and how to's about the travel industry that you may not find elsewhere. Some of these tips include: Green Travel, Travel Insurance, How To Book Flights at the Best Price, and Passport and Visa information.

What are the Downfalls?

One of the downfalls with Nettrav is the fact that you have to build the traffic to your site to be able to create bookings and make money. This can be done by word of mouth, articles, fliers, blog posts, business cards. The more consistently the Nettrav site is promoted, the more commissions are earned.

Another downfall is the fact that Nettrav is a replicated site and if someone just types in without the specific persons identifier they will be directed to someone else's site. This is easily overcome by purchasing a very inexpensive domain name that will redirect to the members specific site.

In Review

Overall, Nettrav provides a simple, viable way for people to make money on something they are doing anyway. Even by just having friends and family using Nettrav, the membership fee is easily covered by commissions earned.

The investment for Nettrav is very minimal. Nettrav can be used as a stand alone product or as part of the Platinum One Destinations exclusive travel membership. Some use Nettrav as a stepping stone while researching P1D.

The pricing on Nettrav is very comparable to other big names sites and in fact, some of the booking engines are the same. Just like with any other site, you are not going to get the lowest price every time, but for the most part the prices will be the same if not better.

Nettrav can become a money making business with a little time and effort. Platinum One Destinations has created a solid product that will withstand the test of a tough economy.

Platinum One Destinations- 5 Reasons You Don't Want To Wait

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With Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group reaching the end of their soft launch period, they have announced some really crazy incentives to help you get started and into profit making mode. For those seriously considering P1D as their choice for a direct marketing business, now is the time to finish researching and step up to the plate.

Here are 5 of the biggest reasons you don't want to miss out.

1) Only one training sale for new members until the end of the year. For all new members who join between now and December 31st they will only have to complete one training sale to be qualified as long as that training sale is done by December 31st 2008. This is huge and will mean that new business partners will be in profit that much faster. Just this one incentive alone can save you up to $7500. The sooner you get started the more time you will have to not only make your one training sale but you will be able to help others to do the same.

2) The 20% discount pricing is almost over. It has not been announced when Platinum One Destinations' special membership pricing will be ending but it will not last forever. It is expected that when the company goes into hard launch the prices will go back to normal. Right now the prices are as follows:

Platinum Membership: normally $15,000- now just $12,000

Gold Membership: normally $6000- now just $4800

Silver Membership: normally $1500- now just $1200

That is a savings anywhere from $3000- $300. Any way you look at it, that savings will make a significant difference.

3) Activation fee for the MAC system is waived through December 31st. Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group have created a fabulous marketing system not only for the P1D product but for Nettrav as well. Normally there is a $49 one time activation fee, but it is being waived for new sign ups. That equals more money in your pocket.

4) Ability to win free Nettrav Promo Codes. During the fall launch tour, P1D is giving away 2009 Nettrav promo codes. Members have the ability to participate in contests and promotions to win some of these Nettrav promo codes- each worth $99 retail. With the last stop on the tour being L.A. in December, the time is perfect to build for that event and receive even more codes. These are great for your own promotions and for friends and family that you want to help get a start in their business. Each Nettrav promo code is traded in for a Nettrav travel portal which can be used to make money whether people choose to start the business or not.

5) Chance to be on the ground floor of a revolutionary company. Members of Platinum One Destinations have the distinct advantage in the fact that while the marriage between Platinum One and the Synergy Marketing Group in newer, both companies have been in direct sales before. This makes them as a whole more stable than a brand new company with no previous network marketing experience.

Overall, the advantages of getting your research done and getting started cannot be beat. New exciting additions to the company are being made everyday- from Nettrav, to the MAC system, and ending with the Platinum One Destinations product. This leads to a stronger business, a better product, and a fabulous way to market it.

Don't Let Your Platinum One Destinations Business "Fall" Into a Slumber

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Brrr! When I left the house this morning I definitely knew that fall was here. Heater on, coffee in hand, I reflected on the fact that the hectic days of summer were over.

This is the time of year that I like best in my P1D business. As the days get shorter and darkness comes sooner people tend to become a little more homebody-ish. Traffic picks up, business picks up, and as a result the paychecks increase.

Take advantage of this time and work your business like crazy. Yes, I know all of the great fall shows are on but do you really need to watch another episode of "Desperate Housewives"? Do you really think the big money makers in Platinum One Destinations and the SMG are sitting on the couch night after night.

It is so easy to fall into the same routine as the other 98% of the population. These are the people who say they want to make a change. These are the people who say they want their business to succeed. These are the people who say they want financial freedom. These are the people that don't do anything about it.

The other 2% are the people who take advantage of the little things. The people who not only learn but apply what they learn. The people who are not afraid of hard work. The people who are doing the exact opposite of the other 98%.

I want to see you succeed but only as much as you want to succeed. The way that you work your business will tell me what you really want. I will be there to mentor and guide you- if that is what you show me you desire.

This is one of the best times of the year for home based businesses. How excited are you to be a part of Platinum One Destinations? Then dig deep and create the success that you deserve.


Platinum One Destinations- Capitalizing on Five Hot Trends

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With so many home businesses in today's market, it is almost overwhelming trying to figure out which is the best for you. One important aspect of choosing an opportunity is to be sure that you pick one that capitalizes on current trends in the industry. You could have the best business in the world, but if it is not selling something that people want you will never make it work.

Platinum One Destinations revolves their business plan around five current hot trends- home business, Internet, online travel, social networking, and tax savings.

Home Business- Gone are the days where people thought you were strange by having a home business. There still may be some naysayers out there but for the most part if you go to an office building, a gym, or a Moms club meeting chances are pretty high that there are more than a few people who are involved in one way or another in a home business.

Home business is a trend that is going to keep growing. As the economy takes a downturn and unemployment is higher than it has been in years, you will see more and more people who are looking at a home business opportunity.

Co founder of the Synergy Marketing Group, Platinum One Destinations marketing arm, Bob Biss stated, ""The home based business industry is exploding now. When the economy is good we do well, however every time the economy takes a dive, the home based business industry explodes. More and more people are looking for extra income, more security, and a life style that is not available with a job in today's economy."

Internet- It is amazing how in a few short years the Internet has become such a key component in our everyday life. From webinars to the state of the art MAC system- Platinum One Destination takes full advantage of the ease of the Internet, making running a business a snap. Offering capabilities such as auto responders, contact management database, and online training and support it doesn't matter where you are- plug in the computer and you are in business.

Online Travel- Who hasn't booked travel online? Travel is growing at a rate of four percent per year and being a $7 trillion dollar industry to begin with four percent is a huge number. Nettrav is Platinum One Destinations travel portal, offering a convenient, competitive way for you to book your travel and make money doing so. In addition the P1D memberships offer the high tech, high touch that you are looking for when booking those exclusive vacations.

Since travel is one of peoples' favorite things to do it is also the one that gets cut out last when cutting back on the budget. Think about it- you may not take that exotic cruise you took last year, but chances are you are still going somewhere, booking something for a family vacation. Well, so is everyone else.

Social Networking- Taking the Internet community by storm social networking is one of the biggest buzz words right now. Everywhere you look there are communities such as FaceBook, MySpace, You Tube, and BetterNetworker. People gathering with a common interest and communicating over the Internet.

Platinum One Destinations has opened a place for social networking right on the Nettrav site. You can go there to find out where to go, what to do (or not to do), and who had what fun where. People can post pictures and stories about trips and get tips and advice. It is a place where you can get the inside scoop from people who have actually been there.

Tax Savings- One of the most missed benefits of a home business is the tax savings that you produce when you are running a business out of your home. There are numerous things that you are able to write off reducing your taxable income. These are things that you would have whether you had a business or not but now that you do they are known as tax deductions.

By using these five hot trends, Platinum One Destinations has positioned themselves to be in a great place at a time when home business is booming. These five components are postioned to keep growing, giving you security when you need it the most.

Platinum One Destinations- What Do You Get With Your Membership?

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Platinum One Destinations is more than just a business- it is a new way of travel for you and your loved ones. But what do you actually get with your exclusive P1D travel membership?

Your Platinum One Destinations Membership includes:

A personal replicated Nettrav site- powered by the same search engines of some of the big names, your Nettrav site will assist you in booking everyday travel for you, your friends, family, and business associates. You will have earn commission on travel booked plus be able to earn a profit on every Nettrav site that you sell

Preloaded Member Rewards Bank- the points that come with your P1D membership are traded in for the ability to gain wholesale travel. A Silver membership comes with 15,000 points, a Gold 60,000 and a Platinum 150,000. To use a condo week for an example- you trade 1000 points for the ability to book a week stay in a condo at the consolidator price. This price for a condo will save you on average $1000 a week. For a Gold membership that would save you approximately $60,000 in travel. Gives you a lot of bang for the buck.

There are more than just condo weeks. You can choose from all inclusive vacations, international airfare, exotic cruises. More exciting offerings are being added on a consistent basis giving members 1000's of trips to choose from.

Concierge Service 7 Days a Week- not only high tech, but high touch, with Platinum One Destinations concierge service you will think you are one of the rich and famous. The service is set up to be your guide to luxury, helping you set up every aspect of your trip. You can call concierge service and let them know where you want to go, when you want to go, and what you want to do. They will then call you back with your travel arrangements and your price. P1D concierge service representatives are not paid on how much you spend but on how much you save. This way you know you are getting the best deal possible.

Access Card- another added feature to the P1D membership, this card gives you access to discounts at virtually hundreds of 1000's of places. Cars, hotels, food, theme parks- you name it you have it.

There are countless other benefits that come with a Platinum One Destinations membership, especially if you decide to use the business opportunity portion of the membership. Combining your business and your pleasure will soon turn in to lots of "paycations" for you.

Platinum One Destinations- Next Stop Dallas

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With the success of Charlotte's Synergy Summit barely under their belt, Platinum One Destinations is getting ready for the next stop on their tour- Dallas, Texas. October 24th and 25th's "Break Free and Nettrav On Us" event promises to be even bigger and better than the Charlotte event as P1D builds toward their spring hard launch.

"Break Free and Nettrav On Us" is the promotion that Platinum One Destinations is having which allows all guests who come to the event and listen to the P1D business presentation to receive their very own Nettrav travel portal- a $99 value. This promotion will continue throughout the World Wind West Tour giving up to 2009 Nettrav travel sites away.

The Nettrav travel portal given to guests enables them to immediately begin making money on all travel booked on their site. So whether they decide to join the Platinum One Destinations business or not, they will having a money making tool in their hands.

One of the highlights from the Charlotte event was a Friday evening business presentation given by co founders of the Synergy Marketing Group, P1D's marketing arm, Bob Biss and Nitsa Nakos. They left no doubt to all in attendance- guests and members alike- that they were in the right place at the right time.

Saturday's event was just as spectacular with a wide array of presentations focusing on leadership strategies, getting your business started right, and wealth building tips. There was even a $1200 silver membership and a free laptop given away.

Many new team members were brought aboard, friendships formed, and a fun time had by all.

Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group created these Summits not only as a training event but as a way to put a personal touch in a world that has become almost impersonal by the Internet. Members can now put faces to names and guests can see up close that even the big money makers are regular, ordinary people.

The speaker line up for Dallas has yet to be announced but if past events are any indication, those who make the commitment to be there will walk away with a renewed vigor in seeing that there is a way to make money even in the economy of today.

So mark your calendar for October 24th and 25th and we will see you in Dallas!!

For more information on the Dallas event go to

Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav's Charlotte Promotions Just Got Better

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On September 19th and 20th Platinum One Destinations will be traveling to Charlotte to begin their World Wind West Fall tour and to introduce the "Break Free and Nettrav on Us Promotion". This event, designed to promote goodwill and increase name recognition in the community has just had some additional promotions added to it.

The "Break Free and Nettrav on Us" promotion had already included giving a Nettrav site away over the course of the next few months- one to each guest who visited one of the regional event over the next few months to hear more about the Platinum One Destinations business opportunity. Each Nettrav site is worth $99 retail.

Now, as an added bonus, each member who has a guest attend will also receive a Nettrav promo code. This promo code will be tied to a free Nettrav site and the member will then be able to use this site for additional promotions and incentives for team building.

It doesn't stop there. For each Platinum One Destinations membership sold at the event, both the new member and their respective sponsor will receive additional Nettrav promo codes. For a Silver P1D membership both will receive 2 Nettrav promo codes, for a Gold P1D membership 5 promo codes, and for a Platinum membership 10 Nettrav promo codes. That is up to $990 in added incentives for membership purchases.

To qualify for a free Nettrav site guests must attend the business presentation either Friday night or Saturday morning and listen to leaders as they talk about the lucrative Platinum One Destinations business opportunity. But whether or not guests decide to join the business they can use their Nettrav site to make money by booking travel for themselves and others.

The business presentation on Saturday will be followed by a day of exciting training and business building activities for members and the guests who choose to stay. Overall, a very exciting and action packed day.

Next month, Platinum One Destinations is off to Houston for the 2nd stop on the World Wind West Tour.

Platinum One Destinations "Break Free and NetTrav on Us" Starts in Charlotte

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Platinum One Destinations announcement of their "Break Free and Nettrav on Us" giveaway is creating quite a buzz in the home business and travel industry. Breaking the mold once again, the Synergy Marketing Group announced that the latest promotion for P1D and Nettrav will begin on September 19th in Charlotte, NC.

Over 2000 free Nettrav sites will be given away over the next three months to guests of the Synergy Summits. Winners of the sites will be able to book their own travel at their site and if they choose to begin the business will be able to earn commissions off others' booked travel and by selling replicated sites. Nettrav is predicted to become a household name in the next ten years, competing directly with big names such as and

The "Break Free and Nettrav on Us" giveaway will be promoted on two local Charlotte radio stations, WSOC-FM and WBAV-FM, over the next ten days. Creating some live excitement, WSOC will be on scene at 5:30 pm to get the event started right. The evening will be a VIP occasion, complete with a press conference involving P1D's panel of experts. These experts will be answering questions about Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav- not only the product, but also the lucrative business opportunity.

The Friday night giveaway and press conference is just the introduction to the big event on Saturday- the Synergy Summit. The Platinum One Destinations business presentation and question and answer period for guests will begin at 9:00 am with Nitsa Nakos, SMG Founder, CEO/President and Bob Biss, SMG Founder SMG, P1D Executive Leader doing the presenting.
This truly electrifying presentation is an excellent way for prospective business partners to gather the information needed to decide if Platinum One Destinations is the opportunity for them.

The day continues with presentations and trainings by several Synergy Certified Instructors and P1D leaders. Trainings will cover topics such as how to get started once you are in the business and accelerated wealth strategies. Announcements will be made about new releases and the day will end with the closing circle to ask questions and share insights about the day.

"Break Free and Nettrav on Us" is just one of the ways in which Platinum One Destinations shows that it is there to assist members in building their businesses and to promote goodwill. A promotion like this is huge- just the retail value alone of the sites is over $198,000- all in free product.

To find out more information about the summit go to or send an email to with "summit information" in the subject line.

Platinum One Destinations Comes to Charlotte, NC

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On September 19th and 20th, Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group will officially kick off the Whirl Wind West Fall Launch Tour in Charlotte NC with their Synergy Summit. Not only will this event mark the first in a series of summits scheduled across the country, but several new features and bonuses will also be rolled out.

The first exciting new feature to P1D's Summit is the Friday night VIP Conference. This is a time designed to be able to mingle and meet Platinum One Destinations members and co founders. The Break Free and Nettrav on Us Give Away promotion will begin this evening and run through the duration of the fall summits. While Saturday's Summit will be more serious with business presentations and trainings, Friday evening will be the place to see that the big earners are real people too.

Saturday will kick off with the Platinum One business presentation given by esteemed P1D leaders and followed by with a question and answer period with the expert panel. During the business presentation guests will learn how P1D is capitalizing on numerous marketing trends to create a successful yet simple system to creating a thriving business. The eight incomes streams of the business will be touched on along with how to get started and how to be able to travel for wholesale and make money while doing it.

Then follows the Getting Started Right training with the theme being- "OK, I'm in .. NOW WHAT?" Get off on the 'right foot' to build a thriving business. The Universal Blueprint for Success is next and will show a proven step by step guide to success in P1D.

After lunch new releases and announcements will be made followed up with several key trainings on team building and duplication in business. These trainings are again given by proven leaders within the Synergy Marketing Group.

Over the past few months the Synergy Summits have gotten bigger and better and continue to show the innovation that the SMG is known for. A true team atmosphere is present at the Summits where people from top leaders to potential team members come together to share their enthusiasm and belief in a business that is taking the nation by storm with its cutting edge features.

As home based businesses become so much more automated with the technology available today, the Summits provide the "high touch" that is missing in so many other businesses. People come to share, to learn, and most importantly to have fun with people whom they may only know over the computer or on the phone. Strong friendships are formed and people walk away from the experience truly impressed with the level of professionalism and synergy found at the event.

To get more information on this event go to or register here.

Platinum One Destinations- The Significance of September 2nd

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Are you ready to see your Platinum One Destinations business rock? Tomorrow, September 2ND, marks the official beginning of one of the busiest times in the home business industry. The kids are back in school and stay at home moms are ready to make some money during those daytime hours. People are done with their summer vacations and realizing they need to buckle down. The days are shorter and have less daylight leaving people more time inside looking for things to do.

What can you do to kick your home business with Platinum One Destinations into high gear? First, start with a plan. The Synergy Marketing Group has created a 90 day action plan to assist you in setting your goals. This plan will then guide you from start to finish in what you need to do to reach the team building goals you have set for yourself. Putting this 90 day plan into writing will help you to solidify your commitment to your goals.

Then, couple your P1D 90 day action plan with the D.M.O. or Daily Method of Operation that is located in the Universal Blueprint. The D.M.O. further breaks down your goals to a daily basis, guiding you through activities that if repeated will over time build the business success that you are seeking. It is a simple formula- one that has been proven time and time again within the business and the team.

Now that you have gotten the mechanics down of what you are going to do, the next question is when. Make sure that you have blocked your time off for your business and have set your goals accordingly. Do not try to fit full time goals into a part time business and on the same token don't short yourself in making a part time goal for a full time business. Know how much time you need to set aside to work your business and then work smart, not hard. You want to be doing money generating activities as much as possible during the time that you have set aside for working your Platinum One Destinations business.

Maintain consistency during the next 90 days. Keeping this consistency will help you to gain the momentum that you need to build your business successfully. If you are able to work your business ten hours a week try to do it two hours five days a week and not five hours two days a week. This will help you to stay in the flow, keep in daily contact with your pipeline, and to guide people through the steps necessary for a decision to join your team. Diligently stick to what you have planned and try your hardest not to let life get in the the way of building your business.

Finally, stay plugged in. Since the Synergy Marketing Group has done such a great job in setting up options for you to guide your potential team members to, your best bet is to know what those options are and how to use them. Familiarize yourself with the marketing flow, be a presence on the calls and at the Wealth Building Events, and step out. Get involved- give a testimony, attend a Summit- and become part of the team. Platinum One Destinations has been built on a great team atmosphere and will continue to be that way. Staying tuned in to what is going on makes it so much easier to build your business and build it quickly.

Each of the factors outlined above are key in growing your Platinum One Destinations business and earning the success that you deserve. Make sure that you keep each one a factor in your business- missing just one may by the key that is holding you back. At the end of 90 days take look back and if need be make adjustments to your plan. After a few cycles of this you will be rocking your way to the top of P1D.

Platinum One Destinations- Is it History in the Making?

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Back from a weekend trip to Philadelphia I feel almost philosophical. I have to say that one of the greatest revelations that I had this weekend did not come from the seminar I attended but from the history entrenched in the city and from the people that I met there.

One of the things that my mind keeps jumping back to is Ben Franklin's grave site. Seeing the signs as I was walking there I imagined that it would be some elaborate shrine to one of the greatest men in history, but what I saw was a simple stone slab in a corner of the graveyard- nothing special. This brought about the thought that people like Benjamin Franklin- an entrepreneur, inventor, politician, and writer- existed not for themselves and the power they could create but for the ability to help others.

Are you one of those people? Why do you do your business? How do you live your life? Is it solely for what success that it will bring you or are you wanting that success so that you can assist others? I am happy to say that for the most part, the people that I have met within Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group are the people who really want to assist others. I think it would be silly to say that almost everyone does not see dollar signs when looking at the future of their business but it is even more then that. Most of us have a greater purpose and know that in assisting others to achieving their greatness we will begin to assist ourselves.

With Platinum One Destinations we are lucky to be able to offer such an incredible opportunity to people. A way to change their life, their path, and the way that they have been living. A way to make a story of their own and to create the future that they see for themselves. I think the hardest part of what we do is to really show people that this is a business and that they have to be focused, persistent, and move forward with determination.

Do you think that Ben Franklin gave up after the first try at his Franklin Stove? How about when he traveled all the way to Europe for work only to be abandoned when he got there? Do you think he ran across any opposition when drafting the Declaration of Independence?

Reading about him and seeing the historic sites where he and other great history makers had lived made me realize how much we take for granted our lives and what we have. Back then people were doers- you had to be or you didn't eat. There were no microwaves and drive thrus and people knew that they had to make it work.

Be one of those people when you are building your business. Be persistent. Don't give up. Know that you may be a part of history in the making with a travel company that will change the future of online travel with products like Nettrav and the P1D memberships.. But do it for a greater good- not just for what you can get out of it.

One of the people I met this weekend said to me- "you have to love what you do and when you love it that is when you make it. You live it, and breath it, but it is not work because you love it- it is your life." That is so true- potential business partners can tell if they are just a check mark or one more call that is done. Don't treat your business as a chore. Treat it with the respect that it deserves and your Platinum One Destinations business will thrive.

I think it is only fitting to end with a quote by Benjamin Franklin- "Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Platinum One Destinations- Online Synergy Summit a Success

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This past Saturday Platinum One Destinations hosted an all day online Synergy Summit event that was an absolute blow the doors off success. Not only were there featured leaders who gave great presentations and trainings but P1D and the Synergy Marketing Group introduced 17 new releases from support and trainings to product upgrades.

Starting at 10 am with the brand new Wealth Building Event- a online presentation that puts the whole business into perspective and ending at 9 pm the day was packed. There were presentations given by proven leaders on things such as "How to Turn $148 into a Six Figure Income", to P1D products, and prospecting tips and information. After each session new releases were announced.

Here is a quick recap of the new releases.

1) The Brand New Wealth Building Event- a new and improved presentation and format designed to get all of your questions answered in less than 45 minutes. These presentations are given by Certified Synergy Instructors making it easy for those new in the business to begin making sales quickly.

2) The Wealth Building Event trailer- designed as a teaser send out piece this is the first few minutes of a WBE. To see it

3) New condo booking engines for P1D members- this is huge- there is now a world wide resort week search engine within the Platinum One Destinations rewards site. Also included in this is the showcase resort weeks which spotlights wholesale condo weeks that are extremely great deals.

4) Platinum One Destinations is waving all reward point deductions for all travel booked on the rewards site from now until the end of the Wild West tour in December. Members are able to get great prices and not use up their rewards points.

5) Retroactive and through the WWT- Gold members receive an extra 20,000 points and Platinum members receive an extra 100,000 points.

6) New Product Description Document coming in the next week- an overall guide on how to use the Platinum One Destinations product

7) New Compensation Plan Document- a complete breakdown on the 8 ways to make income.

8) Platinum One Destinations Universal Blueprint- everything you need to run a successful business.

9)Industry Comparison Chart- an overall guide showing network marketing travel companies.

10) 27 Ways to Attract Prospects- a marketing guide to give members ideas on how to market their businesses.

11) Business Resource Guide- a compilation of all numbers, websites, and emails for members to contact people with any question they have

12) Friday Evening VIP conference- this is for the Synergy Summits and is a way for guests and members to meet leadership and other business partners within the business and have one on one time with them.

13) Post Cards Leads- introduced by Pro Response Media as an additional way to attract people to the opportunity. High quality post cards mailed directly to the prospects home with contact information about P1D on them.

14) Business report tracking- Members will be notified each time someone reads the Platinum One Destinations Business Report and can see from which site it was looked at and for how long.

15) New Professional recording Available for 800#- a two minute sizzle call and eight minute business overview are now available for members 800 numbers.

16) New Script Book- coming soon- A script book about any type of prospecting from the initial call or meeting to the close- all in one place.

17) Break Free and Nettrav on Us- this one is too huge to describe- you will have to contact me to find out how to get your FREE nettrav site- a $99 value- very easy, very simple.

Overall the day was a blast. Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group really pulled out all the stops. Members were excited with all of the trainings and new releases and guests were impressed with the professionalism of P1D.

Leading By Example in Your Platinum One Destinations Business

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Ever wonder what it takes to really rise to the top? To become the one that others look to for advice and mentorship? Developing leadership skills as you develop your Platinum One Destinations business can be crucial to your success. You can have the biggest team in the world, but if you don't know how to guide them you will lose the most important part of growing your home based business- duplication.

One of the first places to start in your leadership skills is to always lead by example. Don't ask those to do what you feel you don't have to. If you are asking your team to do something that you are not, they will pick up on it very quickly. And the response that follows will be one of, "if she isn't doing it and is successful, why should I?"

A big example is prospecting. Although you may reach a point in your business where you have several leaders you are assisting and your team is growing, it may be a mistake to stop prospecting all together. As you get stronger in your business, prospecting becomes easier, which result in adding to your team with less work so why lose that momentum?

Platinum One Destinations is set up with both high upfront commissions and residuals, making it so you will not have to work as hard once you get a team going, however what happens when you are going to the Wealth Building Events and Synergy Summits with no guests of your own? Your team is going to see that and slowly but surely they will stop bringing guests too. Now you are back at square one and have lost the momentum you worked so hard to obtain.

Being a positive influence is also key to becoming a great leader. Everyone has a bad day and may feel as if things are not going their way. It is up to you to push the negativity out the door and steer the conversation or email into a better place. Make sure when it is you having the bad day you go up to your upline, not down to your team. No one needs their leader being the one putting sour grapes out there. Always look for the best in every situation and pull out the factors that are going to move things forward the fastest.

The Synergy Marketing Group has created a very comprehensive and state of the art marketing system which is fondly referred to as the MAC system. As a good leader you want to teach your team how to use the system to find answers instead of you. The worst thing you can do for your team is to become an adult babysitter, handholding everyone every step of the way. Teach them to leverage their time and yours by being system dependent and they will soon be able to grow a great team and become better leaders themselves.

Continue your personal development daily. In order to be the best that you can be, you cannot stop growing. Just when you think you have reached the point that you have strived for reach a little further. As stated in many other places- you have to work harder on yourself than on your business. True leaders never believe that they have learned all that they need to know.

Going to events is not only a way to set yourself apart as a leader but to grow your team much faster. Going back to the leading by example- if you are telling your team, "go to the WBE's, go to the Synergy Link calls, go to the Synergy Summits", but are never there yourself they are going to think it is not important. Be visible, be active, be there.

Platinum One Destinations is only as good as its' leaders and fortunately we have the best. Model them, listen to them, and follow them and you will reach the success you not only desire but deserve. See you at the next event!

Enhancing Your Platinum One Destinations Business With

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You should work harder on yourself than you do on your business.

Personal development is important in your Platinum One Destinations business, or in every part of your life for that matter and the Synergy Marketing Group does an outstanding job bringing different speakers, trainers, and motivational coaches to the SMG-University twice a month. In addition to these special events, you should seek out other forms of personal development so that you can constantly change and evolve within your P1D business.

One of the trainers that I mentor is Dani Johnson. It was quite by accident that in January I ended up at her First Steps to Success in Atlanta. Life changing is not the word for it. The training- both business and personal- that you receive at that event is indescribable. It makes you realize exactly who you are and where you were meant to go. Four First Steps later and I still learn different things at each event.

Fortunately, her training doesn't stop there. is a website created to teach people how to explode their business. Anytime I talk to anyone who is in a home business- whether it be Platinum One Destinations or not- I direct them to that site. Within is the Work At Home Profit Zone where you can register for free to begin training right away. There are hundreds of archived calls in the vault- everything from prospecting to closing to personal growth. You name it, its there.

There is also a Quick Start training that you can do within the Work at Home Profit Zone. This is specifically designed to get a new team member off and running. One of my friends and business partners, Chelle, says that her team members who have done the Dani training in addition to the training with Platinum One Destinations are by far the most proficient team members that she has seen.

This week I listened to my favorite set of Cd's that Dani Johnson has created- Prospect and Close your Way to Mllions. This is an awesome learning tool as most of the Cd's involve Dani troubleshooting with people at a seminar. You can learn from listening exactly what mistakes you have been making on your calls. Dani has a whole list of great Cd's and DVDs that you can choose from and they are all packed with a wealth of information.

I have mentioned her script books in previous posts and I still swear by them. Used as a guideline, there is every script imaginable in there. Warm market, cold market, situational prospecting, overcoming objections- just pages of knowledgeable material.

In using trainers in assisting you to build your Platinum One Destinations business you will find that your learning curve is shortened so much. If you have not yet gotten started and so don't have access to the wealth of great training within our MAC, I would encourage you to go sign up for the Work at Home Profit Zone and get started while you are making your decision. It will be one of the best choices that you make.

Platinum One Destinations Kicks Off Thier Fall Launch Tour

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On August 16th Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group will kick off their Fall Launch Tour- World Wind West with an all day online event. This event, beginning at 10 am est, will be chock full of not only business information, but training segments, and new product upgrades and announcements. This event will mark the first of many over the upcoming months to share the innovative techniques of the P1D business with potential members.

Synergy Certified Instructors and business Founders will be presenting throughout the day with the line up having presentations such as:

Turn $148 in SIX FIGURES in Your First Year in P1D

Platinum One Destinations Products

P1D Universal Plan Blueprint

Following Up and Converting Your Prospects Into Team Members

and Accelerated Wealth Strategies.

With this Fall Launch Tour, Platinum One Destinations and Synergy Marketing Group leaders show once again how committed they are to not only assisting members but educating those looking at a way to create a substantial income with a home based business.

Based in the travel business, P1D offers members more than the traditional travel business. With Nettrav, their unique travel booking portal and online social networking are, P1D beats the competitors hands down. Affiliates are able to book travel at prices competitive to big names such as Travelocity and Expedia while earning a commission on all travel booked at their site. Nettrav also offers an additional income stream by available to members who chose to market the Nettrav site itself.

In addition, the P1D exclusive membership offers a way for members to travel at wholesale instead of retail and offers a one-of-a-kind concierge service in which members may call and have someone assist them with their entire travel itinerary. Complete with a website in which a small part of the inventory is displayed, the overall picture of the Platinum One Destinations product is incredible.

Behind the product the Synergy Marketing Group comes to life with their cutting edge MAC system and extensive training curriculum. With daily opportunities in which top earners within the business present the business plan, even the novice member can get started very quickly. A detailed back office allows the P1D business partner to keep track of, automatically follow up with, and plan out their business daily.

With this Fall Launch Tour, P1D is gearing up for the busiest time in the home business industry. The purpose is two fold- expose the business to as many new people as possible while assisting current members with their learning assist them in building their business.

Registration is not required-

August 16th Beginning at 10 am est time, online at and via phone at 218-486-1408 4488#.

Synergy Summit Pics

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Platinum One Destinations: Synergy Summit Recap

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This is from one of our members perspectives of Platinum One Destinations- I asked her to write about her experience of the Synergy Summit.

Wow! What a weekend! When I arrived home last night after spending the weekend in Washington D.C. at the Synergy Summit I was truly impressed. Not only did the event coordinator Wesley Pennington outdo himself with a high energy, information packed day, but every speaker gave really insightful tips into how to make your Platinum One Destinations business really work for you.

Being this was my first trip to our beautiful capital, I felt somewhat in awe. I arrived Friday evening and was straining out my airplane window to see all of the historic buildings that I have learned about over the years. Everyone had said that traffic was crazy but I still wasn't prepared for the maze of streets, circles, and turnabouts that make up the city. Boy, I was glad I decided not to drive. After a quick hello to some of our leaders and team members it was off for a good night sleep.

The morning started off great. We had about an hour for a meet and greet to talk to and connect with not only members but guests who had decided to take a look at the P1D business opportunity. Bob Biss started the morning off with the business presentation and I felt as excited as I did the day I joined after listening to him. He and Pam gave a really in depth but concise view of the business. Before coming to the Summit I had thought that since I have heard the business presentation so many times at the Wealth Building Event that I would be bored, but I have to be truthful in saying it was one of my favorite parts of the day.

During the break I had the opportunity to chat with Greg Andrews from Networker Central, one of the lead companies that some of the teams use. It was nice to put a face with a name and great to see one of the vendors we use out supporting us.

Pam and Carol then had a great "Getting Started Right" training. They did a superb job, giving us lots of tips on the MAC system, training within P1D, and personal development. When Pam talked about how Platinum One was a real business that you had to take seriously I could really see a lot of light bulbs go off in peoples heads.

After lunch Wesley gave a stunning performance on life after 'The Secret." It was a perfect mix of motivation, spirituality and storytelling. He had several people crying and was really moving to listen to. Go Wesley!

Bob finished the day out with a two part talk on "How to Turn $148 into a Six Figure Income". He first talked about the new site that is coming out, the document recently presented ,and gave great insight on how you can turn 2 simple nettrav sales a week into a six figure income after a few years. I was very surprised by how simple he was able to make it.

The second part of the talk was about advertising and different ways to advertise without spending a lot of money- sort of a mini guerrilla marketing talk. I know that ideas like those really are coming in handy for our team members who are big in motivation but short on cash.

For the social event we went out to dinner and I have to laugh when I say I am not sure what the name of the restaurant was but that it was REALLY good. It was nice to let our hair down, have a few drinks, and really get to know each other a little better. We finished the night off by seeing the Lincoln Memorial. What an impressive site that is. I was literally speechless.

Overall the weekend was great. Very inspiring towards the business and not only did I make new friends but I strengthened some of the relationships that I have been forming over the past 15 months. I will be the first to admit that I underestimated the professionalism and the power that the Summit does create and I am definitely looking forward to the next one!

Platinum One Destinations- The Last Synergy Summit For the Summer

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In less than two weeks the Synergy Marketing Group will put on their last round of Synergy Summits for the summer. Taking place in Washington D.C., Minneapolis, MN, and San Francisco, CA the Summits will be held on June 28th. The Summits have been growing since their inception early this year and provide Platinum One Destinations members with an incredible opportunity to not only promote their businesses but to gain training and form long lasting connections with other P1D members.

This month the themes are as follows, Washington D.C., Time Freedom Today – A Capital Idea!", Minneapolis, MN, "Double Your Business & Double Your Fun” In MN Twin Cities!, and San Francisco, CA, "Escaping Alcatraz and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge". At every event the speakers cater their presentations in the Getting Started Right Trainings around those themes. The themes mix things up a little and make sure that things don't get dull for those who go to the Synergy Summits every month.

Geared towards putting the personal back into the Internet world of home business, the Synergy Marketing Group uses the Summits to further the term "High Tech, High Touch" that is frequently used when describing Platinum One Destinations. This month one of the trainings that will be the same at all three events is the exclusive "How To Turn $148 into a strong six figure yearly income with residuals." This will be presented during the afternoon training period.

In addition to seeing the business presentation live and getting great training, the Summits provide a place to increase their belief in their business with Platinum One Destinations. Meeting the leaders and instructors within the company and realizing that they are regular people helps to show that anyone can do this business. Bouncing ideas back and forth with people you do not talk to on a daily basis can trigger new ideas for marketing, advertising, and prospecting. And as always, the more you learn about P1D, the more loyal you become.

This will be the last Summit held until September and may prove to be the best one yet. Business executives, stay at home Moms, or blue collar worker- this is one event not to be missed. So pick the place and go see what Platinum One Destinations is all about.

Platinum One Destinations- 5 Tips to Working Your Business that You Can Take to The Bank

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Sometimes in working your Platinum One Destinations business you can't see the trees for the forest. Letting the websites, Nettrav, prospecting, and personal development overwhelm you can be easy if you let it. Below are some simple tips to assist you in simplifying your business.

1) Take the time to familiarize yourself with your MAC system. In your excitement to get your business off the ground you may want to gloss over this seemingly time consuming step, but by not taking the time to go through the tutorials you will be shooting yourself in the foot. Your MAC system is your lifeline to your Platinum One Destinations business. It is what connects you with your potential business partners and helps you keep track of where they are in your pipeline. In your MAC center you also find out what exciting events the Synergy Marketing Group has coming up.

2) Stay plugged in to the company through the internet. Sometimes if you are not plugged in to the SMG you may begin to feel lonely. You may also not know of new happenings within the company. Within P1D there are the weekly Synergy Link calls put on by the Synergy Marketing Group with lots of great information. The Platinum Platter calls happen whenever there are new happenings inside of Platinum One Destinations. In addition, SMG-U provides training a few times a month that revolve around personal development and ways to advertise your business. One of the most important parts of plugging in is our daily Wealth Building Event which is the place to get your prospects to have them see more of what we are all about.

3)Get to as many Synergy Summits as you can. The Synergy Summits are a gathering once a month in three cities across the US or Canada. These are for both you and your potential business partners to meet people within the business. There is a business presentation in the morning where you will get an upfront and personal view of what you see on the daily Wealth Building Events. The afternoon is comprised trainings sessions to assist you in learning more about Platinum One Destinations and to grow your business.

4) Put new people in your pipeline everyday. No matter what your advertising method is, or what type of people you talk to, you have to stay consistent. You will get much better results by putting two people in your pipeline six days then you will four a day for three days. Momentum is important in this business, not only to your rhythm but to those whom you are working with. Set your time aside wisely and you will be able to work smarter everyday instead of harder a few days.

5) Never stop your personal growth. This one point can make or break your whole business. Just like when someone goes to college to get an education, personal development is your education in your Platinum One Destinations business. There are many ways to gain knowledge through personal development- books, articles, cds, dvds, seminars- to name a few. Twenty percent of what you do in your business should be in developing yourself and your people skills.

While each of these points may seem like common sense to you it is amazing how many people do not do them. Then six months into their Platinum One Destinations business they are wondering why it isn't working. Look at the trees, tend to the little ones and you will begin to create your own forest.

P1D- Putting the Summer Heat into Your Platinum One Destinations Business

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Wow- is it summer already? It seems just like yesterday that it was the holiday time and we were all wishing for it to warm up. Well, now the heat is here and it is time to turn up the heat on your Platinum One Destinations business too.

Summer is the time for trips and travel, for pools and sprinklers, and for BBQ and family outings. There are two ways you can be looking at your business and I am going to show you the way to turn a typically slow time into a time you look forward to every year. A time for you to take advantage of our awesome P1D and Nettrav travel business, turning it into dollars in your pocket and some extra trips for your family.

As seasons go, I have found that summer is typically the slowest time of the year. I know that it is easy to get caught up in all of the fun activities of summer, and even easier to put calls on the back burner in favor of a trip to the pool or an outing to the playground. From the time we were kids we have looked at summer as a time for fun and play. With your P1D business you call your own shots, only the truly motivated keep at it as the whisper of fun beckons.

Sometimes, looking at it a different way helps. Looking at it from a potential team members perspective you will see that many teachers are on the computer looking for a way not to have to go back to the classroom. There are a lot of parents who faced with the daunting task of finding childcare for their now out of school kids know that there must be an easier way. And then there are those college kids who are out of school for the summer and are having an increasingly difficult time finding a job that is going to pay them enough to not only live on for the summer but to have money to go back to school with.

All of these scenarios and more add up to one thing. People who typically may be too busy to look for a home business now have time on their hands to search for the right opportunity- enter Platinum One Destinations- and then have the time that is takes to get trained and up and running. Then once it is time to go back work or school they can easily fit in the couple of hours a day needed to keep their business going until they can work up enough to quit their job.

Looking at it from a business prospective is even better. I know how easy it is to go do the fun things and I am sure you will agree. But think of how many other people in home businesses that are in the same situation are forgoing the work for the fun. So that makes the normal ratio of 60% of people who don't call the leads they purchase even higher. People are getting less calls and when you stay on top of your business you can really capitalize on others laziness and lack of effort.

Times are getting tougher by the month as gas, groceries, power all rise. I ask you- how serious are you about making your Platinum One Destinations business work? Are you using the new tools set in place to promote Nettrav? Are you staying plugged in to all of the things that the Synergy Marketing Group have in place?

Summer is a time for hot weather and cool pools, but it is also a time to turn up the heat on your home business. Stay focused get your business items done and then go enjoy the summer.

Edification in Your Platinum One Destinations Business

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During the course of running our Platinum One Destinations business we introduce people to our business partners on a daily basis. This introduction, known as edification or promotion, can make or break how people are going to view our team members or mentors and even our business.

For the most part the purpose of this introduction is to serve as a form of validation and to also have the potential teammate excited about who they are going to meet and what they are going to learn. If we fail to convey the fact that the person whom we are introducing is an expert in our P1D business then why are we introducing that person?

As a newcomer to the home business industry and to Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav who hears the stories of the leaders and presenters over and over, you may think to yourself that these edification's are just ego boosters or a lot of hype but they really do serve a purpose. They make the presenters real to the potential partner- they now know a story of success instead of just a name.

Imagine if you are talking to someone and they say:

Hey, we have a presentation tonight at 9 pm that would give you an idea of our business and how it works. Would you like to attend?

Does that excite you? Does that make you want to take time out of your day? Does that make you want to learn more about the Platinum One Destinations business?

You most likely answered a resounding NO to all of the above questions.

Here is an example of how edification can be used as an awesome tool:

I would like to invite you to be my special guest this evening. We have the awesome honor of hearing from not one but two of the leaders within Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group. These people are not only Certified Synergy Instructors but are proven six figure income earners in P1D. They have taken the time tonight to share some knowledge about our business, how it works, and how we make money. This presentation will not only answer all of your questions but will show you the fun that we have when we come together as a team. So can I count you in?

Now does that get you excited? Does that make you want to know more about the business and how it works?


So when you are talking to your potential team members edify and promote. Give them some curiosity and make them want the information. This tool used correctly will explode your Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav business.

Platinum One Destinations- Putting 5 People in Your Pipeline With 5 Leads a Day

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In a call this past week one of our top earners Chelle from Wisconsin shared her success with her Platinum One Destinations business that she runs with her husband. In this hour interview we found out Chelle's system, how she trains her new team members and her philosophy with her business. She opened many members eyes to the fact that the old adage "quality not quantity" proves once again to be successful.

As a Platinum Executive Marketing Associates, Chelle and her husband Jim take a caring approach to their business. As Chelle explained in the call she has had numerous home based businesses over the years with marginal success. She stated that while she never lost money she did not ever seem to reach that level of success that would lead on to financial freedom. As a result she lost her fizzle and her big dreaming and when introduced to Platinum One Destinations it took her eighteen months to get started.

Chelle and Jim chose to start at the top knowing that if they didn't that push to get going quickly would not be there and the smaller investment would be easy to walk away from. Learning from Their mentor and trainer, Bonnie, who also happens to be Chelle's mother, and another six figure earner, Chelle and Jim quickly saw success and the checks started to roll in.

As happens with home based businesses life sometimes get in the way. With a large family that Chelle home schools while Jim works a full time job, they soon realized that the number of leads that they were receiving on a daily basis were beginning to pile up and they saw dollar signs just going down the drain. Money that was paid for fresh new leads were wasted as by the time those people were called they could have been older, less expensive leads. It was time to reevaluate exactly how many leads a day would be manageable with their busy lifestyle.

Chelle decided on the magic number of five and for her it works. With the system that the Synergy Marketing Group has devised for Platinum One Destinations, after speaking with her potential business partners Chelle is able to walk those people right through the system and create magic for herself. However, although she gets five leads a day, five calls is not all that she makes. She continues to follow up with older leads, making connections with people she previously missed.

Chelle and Jim like to get five people in their pipeline a day. The first time I heard this I thought that this was next to impossible with only five fresh people a day. Then when I heard how they do it I really had my eyes opened. The way that they work their system is one of caring and follow up. Each person is set on a path and they will strive to reach them- whether it be this week, next week, or next month.

Chelle stated, "sire I have had that person that looks at the information, goes to a Wealth Building Event and then is ready to get started that day but for the most part it does not work that way." In knowing that it took them eighteen months to get started she has more patience when trying to reach people. That in and of itself was a revelation for me. I usually call people once or twice and if they are not there I assume they must not really be interested.

Chelle shared one of her secrets with us about connecting with five people a day. She calls her leads as soon as she gets them if she can. She explained how exciting it is for people when she calls them and they are still looking at her website. Since she is only getting five new leads a day, those people become names more than numbers. Showing them that she cares she believes is crucial to the success of her business.

And not just caring if they get started today, tomorrow, or next week but caring about them as people. When I heard Chelle say that she knows that even if the business may be right the timing may not and that is one of the reasons she keeps in touch it really made sense. People need to know that you are there- not just to make a sale but to really care for them and assist them to their success.

Using a very easy folder system Chelle is able to run her Platinum One Destinations business from everywhere. "With my life I never know where I am going to be working my business so I have to make it portable even if it is not taking advantage of the technology of today. I have a mostly paper system so I can just grab and go."

Chelle also shared the system that she and Jim use to get new members started. In addition to putting them through the extensive and thorough Platinum One Destinations training found within the MAC system provided by the Synergy Marketing Group, they also get them started on Dani Johnson's quick start training found within the work at home profit zone at In doing this they find that they have more capable, knowledgeable business partners who are ready to get into profit mode almost immediately.

I really believe from the response that I heard that many people connected with what Chelle was saying. My mentor Pam shared with me that hearing Chelle speak reiterated how she had always run her business. "It is all about them knowing you care," she stated. Others were excited as they had been spending lots of money every month believing that they had to call hundreds of people to connect with the right ones. I was in that category and now know that with a small budget of a few hundred dollars a month I can make great connections and by continuing to follow up I can reach people who may not have been there the first few times.

Thanks so much Chelle for sharing your knowledge.

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