Platinum One Destinations- The Last Synergy Summit For the Summer

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In less than two weeks the Synergy Marketing Group will put on their last round of Synergy Summits for the summer. Taking place in Washington D.C., Minneapolis, MN, and San Francisco, CA the Summits will be held on June 28th. The Summits have been growing since their inception early this year and provide Platinum One Destinations members with an incredible opportunity to not only promote their businesses but to gain training and form long lasting connections with other P1D members.

This month the themes are as follows, Washington D.C., Time Freedom Today – A Capital Idea!", Minneapolis, MN, "Double Your Business & Double Your Fun” In MN Twin Cities!, and San Francisco, CA, "Escaping Alcatraz and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge". At every event the speakers cater their presentations in the Getting Started Right Trainings around those themes. The themes mix things up a little and make sure that things don't get dull for those who go to the Synergy Summits every month.

Geared towards putting the personal back into the Internet world of home business, the Synergy Marketing Group uses the Summits to further the term "High Tech, High Touch" that is frequently used when describing Platinum One Destinations. This month one of the trainings that will be the same at all three events is the exclusive "How To Turn $148 into a strong six figure yearly income with residuals." This will be presented during the afternoon training period.

In addition to seeing the business presentation live and getting great training, the Summits provide a place to increase their belief in their business with Platinum One Destinations. Meeting the leaders and instructors within the company and realizing that they are regular people helps to show that anyone can do this business. Bouncing ideas back and forth with people you do not talk to on a daily basis can trigger new ideas for marketing, advertising, and prospecting. And as always, the more you learn about P1D, the more loyal you become.

This will be the last Summit held until September and may prove to be the best one yet. Business executives, stay at home Moms, or blue collar worker- this is one event not to be missed. So pick the place and go see what Platinum One Destinations is all about.

Platinum One Destinations- 5 Tips to Working Your Business that You Can Take to The Bank

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Sometimes in working your Platinum One Destinations business you can't see the trees for the forest. Letting the websites, Nettrav, prospecting, and personal development overwhelm you can be easy if you let it. Below are some simple tips to assist you in simplifying your business.

1) Take the time to familiarize yourself with your MAC system. In your excitement to get your business off the ground you may want to gloss over this seemingly time consuming step, but by not taking the time to go through the tutorials you will be shooting yourself in the foot. Your MAC system is your lifeline to your Platinum One Destinations business. It is what connects you with your potential business partners and helps you keep track of where they are in your pipeline. In your MAC center you also find out what exciting events the Synergy Marketing Group has coming up.

2) Stay plugged in to the company through the internet. Sometimes if you are not plugged in to the SMG you may begin to feel lonely. You may also not know of new happenings within the company. Within P1D there are the weekly Synergy Link calls put on by the Synergy Marketing Group with lots of great information. The Platinum Platter calls happen whenever there are new happenings inside of Platinum One Destinations. In addition, SMG-U provides training a few times a month that revolve around personal development and ways to advertise your business. One of the most important parts of plugging in is our daily Wealth Building Event which is the place to get your prospects to have them see more of what we are all about.

3)Get to as many Synergy Summits as you can. The Synergy Summits are a gathering once a month in three cities across the US or Canada. These are for both you and your potential business partners to meet people within the business. There is a business presentation in the morning where you will get an upfront and personal view of what you see on the daily Wealth Building Events. The afternoon is comprised trainings sessions to assist you in learning more about Platinum One Destinations and to grow your business.

4) Put new people in your pipeline everyday. No matter what your advertising method is, or what type of people you talk to, you have to stay consistent. You will get much better results by putting two people in your pipeline six days then you will four a day for three days. Momentum is important in this business, not only to your rhythm but to those whom you are working with. Set your time aside wisely and you will be able to work smarter everyday instead of harder a few days.

5) Never stop your personal growth. This one point can make or break your whole business. Just like when someone goes to college to get an education, personal development is your education in your Platinum One Destinations business. There are many ways to gain knowledge through personal development- books, articles, cds, dvds, seminars- to name a few. Twenty percent of what you do in your business should be in developing yourself and your people skills.

While each of these points may seem like common sense to you it is amazing how many people do not do them. Then six months into their Platinum One Destinations business they are wondering why it isn't working. Look at the trees, tend to the little ones and you will begin to create your own forest.

P1D- Putting the Summer Heat into Your Platinum One Destinations Business

Wednesday, June 11, 2008 · 0 comments

Wow- is it summer already? It seems just like yesterday that it was the holiday time and we were all wishing for it to warm up. Well, now the heat is here and it is time to turn up the heat on your Platinum One Destinations business too.

Summer is the time for trips and travel, for pools and sprinklers, and for BBQ and family outings. There are two ways you can be looking at your business and I am going to show you the way to turn a typically slow time into a time you look forward to every year. A time for you to take advantage of our awesome P1D and Nettrav travel business, turning it into dollars in your pocket and some extra trips for your family.

As seasons go, I have found that summer is typically the slowest time of the year. I know that it is easy to get caught up in all of the fun activities of summer, and even easier to put calls on the back burner in favor of a trip to the pool or an outing to the playground. From the time we were kids we have looked at summer as a time for fun and play. With your P1D business you call your own shots, only the truly motivated keep at it as the whisper of fun beckons.

Sometimes, looking at it a different way helps. Looking at it from a potential team members perspective you will see that many teachers are on the computer looking for a way not to have to go back to the classroom. There are a lot of parents who faced with the daunting task of finding childcare for their now out of school kids know that there must be an easier way. And then there are those college kids who are out of school for the summer and are having an increasingly difficult time finding a job that is going to pay them enough to not only live on for the summer but to have money to go back to school with.

All of these scenarios and more add up to one thing. People who typically may be too busy to look for a home business now have time on their hands to search for the right opportunity- enter Platinum One Destinations- and then have the time that is takes to get trained and up and running. Then once it is time to go back work or school they can easily fit in the couple of hours a day needed to keep their business going until they can work up enough to quit their job.

Looking at it from a business prospective is even better. I know how easy it is to go do the fun things and I am sure you will agree. But think of how many other people in home businesses that are in the same situation are forgoing the work for the fun. So that makes the normal ratio of 60% of people who don't call the leads they purchase even higher. People are getting less calls and when you stay on top of your business you can really capitalize on others laziness and lack of effort.

Times are getting tougher by the month as gas, groceries, power all rise. I ask you- how serious are you about making your Platinum One Destinations business work? Are you using the new tools set in place to promote Nettrav? Are you staying plugged in to all of the things that the Synergy Marketing Group have in place?

Summer is a time for hot weather and cool pools, but it is also a time to turn up the heat on your home business. Stay focused get your business items done and then go enjoy the summer.

Edification in Your Platinum One Destinations Business

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During the course of running our Platinum One Destinations business we introduce people to our business partners on a daily basis. This introduction, known as edification or promotion, can make or break how people are going to view our team members or mentors and even our business.

For the most part the purpose of this introduction is to serve as a form of validation and to also have the potential teammate excited about who they are going to meet and what they are going to learn. If we fail to convey the fact that the person whom we are introducing is an expert in our P1D business then why are we introducing that person?

As a newcomer to the home business industry and to Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav who hears the stories of the leaders and presenters over and over, you may think to yourself that these edification's are just ego boosters or a lot of hype but they really do serve a purpose. They make the presenters real to the potential partner- they now know a story of success instead of just a name.

Imagine if you are talking to someone and they say:

Hey, we have a presentation tonight at 9 pm that would give you an idea of our business and how it works. Would you like to attend?

Does that excite you? Does that make you want to take time out of your day? Does that make you want to learn more about the Platinum One Destinations business?

You most likely answered a resounding NO to all of the above questions.

Here is an example of how edification can be used as an awesome tool:

I would like to invite you to be my special guest this evening. We have the awesome honor of hearing from not one but two of the leaders within Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group. These people are not only Certified Synergy Instructors but are proven six figure income earners in P1D. They have taken the time tonight to share some knowledge about our business, how it works, and how we make money. This presentation will not only answer all of your questions but will show you the fun that we have when we come together as a team. So can I count you in?

Now does that get you excited? Does that make you want to know more about the business and how it works?


So when you are talking to your potential team members edify and promote. Give them some curiosity and make them want the information. This tool used correctly will explode your Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav business.

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