Platinum One Destinations- Is it History in the Making?

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Back from a weekend trip to Philadelphia I feel almost philosophical. I have to say that one of the greatest revelations that I had this weekend did not come from the seminar I attended but from the history entrenched in the city and from the people that I met there.

One of the things that my mind keeps jumping back to is Ben Franklin's grave site. Seeing the signs as I was walking there I imagined that it would be some elaborate shrine to one of the greatest men in history, but what I saw was a simple stone slab in a corner of the graveyard- nothing special. This brought about the thought that people like Benjamin Franklin- an entrepreneur, inventor, politician, and writer- existed not for themselves and the power they could create but for the ability to help others.

Are you one of those people? Why do you do your business? How do you live your life? Is it solely for what success that it will bring you or are you wanting that success so that you can assist others? I am happy to say that for the most part, the people that I have met within Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group are the people who really want to assist others. I think it would be silly to say that almost everyone does not see dollar signs when looking at the future of their business but it is even more then that. Most of us have a greater purpose and know that in assisting others to achieving their greatness we will begin to assist ourselves.

With Platinum One Destinations we are lucky to be able to offer such an incredible opportunity to people. A way to change their life, their path, and the way that they have been living. A way to make a story of their own and to create the future that they see for themselves. I think the hardest part of what we do is to really show people that this is a business and that they have to be focused, persistent, and move forward with determination.

Do you think that Ben Franklin gave up after the first try at his Franklin Stove? How about when he traveled all the way to Europe for work only to be abandoned when he got there? Do you think he ran across any opposition when drafting the Declaration of Independence?

Reading about him and seeing the historic sites where he and other great history makers had lived made me realize how much we take for granted our lives and what we have. Back then people were doers- you had to be or you didn't eat. There were no microwaves and drive thrus and people knew that they had to make it work.

Be one of those people when you are building your business. Be persistent. Don't give up. Know that you may be a part of history in the making with a travel company that will change the future of online travel with products like Nettrav and the P1D memberships.. But do it for a greater good- not just for what you can get out of it.

One of the people I met this weekend said to me- "you have to love what you do and when you love it that is when you make it. You live it, and breath it, but it is not work because you love it- it is your life." That is so true- potential business partners can tell if they are just a check mark or one more call that is done. Don't treat your business as a chore. Treat it with the respect that it deserves and your Platinum One Destinations business will thrive.

I think it is only fitting to end with a quote by Benjamin Franklin- "Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Platinum One Destinations- Online Synergy Summit a Success

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This past Saturday Platinum One Destinations hosted an all day online Synergy Summit event that was an absolute blow the doors off success. Not only were there featured leaders who gave great presentations and trainings but P1D and the Synergy Marketing Group introduced 17 new releases from support and trainings to product upgrades.

Starting at 10 am with the brand new Wealth Building Event- a online presentation that puts the whole business into perspective and ending at 9 pm the day was packed. There were presentations given by proven leaders on things such as "How to Turn $148 into a Six Figure Income", to P1D products, and prospecting tips and information. After each session new releases were announced.

Here is a quick recap of the new releases.

1) The Brand New Wealth Building Event- a new and improved presentation and format designed to get all of your questions answered in less than 45 minutes. These presentations are given by Certified Synergy Instructors making it easy for those new in the business to begin making sales quickly.

2) The Wealth Building Event trailer- designed as a teaser send out piece this is the first few minutes of a WBE. To see it

3) New condo booking engines for P1D members- this is huge- there is now a world wide resort week search engine within the Platinum One Destinations rewards site. Also included in this is the showcase resort weeks which spotlights wholesale condo weeks that are extremely great deals.

4) Platinum One Destinations is waving all reward point deductions for all travel booked on the rewards site from now until the end of the Wild West tour in December. Members are able to get great prices and not use up their rewards points.

5) Retroactive and through the WWT- Gold members receive an extra 20,000 points and Platinum members receive an extra 100,000 points.

6) New Product Description Document coming in the next week- an overall guide on how to use the Platinum One Destinations product

7) New Compensation Plan Document- a complete breakdown on the 8 ways to make income.

8) Platinum One Destinations Universal Blueprint- everything you need to run a successful business.

9)Industry Comparison Chart- an overall guide showing network marketing travel companies.

10) 27 Ways to Attract Prospects- a marketing guide to give members ideas on how to market their businesses.

11) Business Resource Guide- a compilation of all numbers, websites, and emails for members to contact people with any question they have

12) Friday Evening VIP conference- this is for the Synergy Summits and is a way for guests and members to meet leadership and other business partners within the business and have one on one time with them.

13) Post Cards Leads- introduced by Pro Response Media as an additional way to attract people to the opportunity. High quality post cards mailed directly to the prospects home with contact information about P1D on them.

14) Business report tracking- Members will be notified each time someone reads the Platinum One Destinations Business Report and can see from which site it was looked at and for how long.

15) New Professional recording Available for 800#- a two minute sizzle call and eight minute business overview are now available for members 800 numbers.

16) New Script Book- coming soon- A script book about any type of prospecting from the initial call or meeting to the close- all in one place.

17) Break Free and Nettrav on Us- this one is too huge to describe- you will have to contact me to find out how to get your FREE nettrav site- a $99 value- very easy, very simple.

Overall the day was a blast. Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group really pulled out all the stops. Members were excited with all of the trainings and new releases and guests were impressed with the professionalism of P1D.

Leading By Example in Your Platinum One Destinations Business

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Ever wonder what it takes to really rise to the top? To become the one that others look to for advice and mentorship? Developing leadership skills as you develop your Platinum One Destinations business can be crucial to your success. You can have the biggest team in the world, but if you don't know how to guide them you will lose the most important part of growing your home based business- duplication.

One of the first places to start in your leadership skills is to always lead by example. Don't ask those to do what you feel you don't have to. If you are asking your team to do something that you are not, they will pick up on it very quickly. And the response that follows will be one of, "if she isn't doing it and is successful, why should I?"

A big example is prospecting. Although you may reach a point in your business where you have several leaders you are assisting and your team is growing, it may be a mistake to stop prospecting all together. As you get stronger in your business, prospecting becomes easier, which result in adding to your team with less work so why lose that momentum?

Platinum One Destinations is set up with both high upfront commissions and residuals, making it so you will not have to work as hard once you get a team going, however what happens when you are going to the Wealth Building Events and Synergy Summits with no guests of your own? Your team is going to see that and slowly but surely they will stop bringing guests too. Now you are back at square one and have lost the momentum you worked so hard to obtain.

Being a positive influence is also key to becoming a great leader. Everyone has a bad day and may feel as if things are not going their way. It is up to you to push the negativity out the door and steer the conversation or email into a better place. Make sure when it is you having the bad day you go up to your upline, not down to your team. No one needs their leader being the one putting sour grapes out there. Always look for the best in every situation and pull out the factors that are going to move things forward the fastest.

The Synergy Marketing Group has created a very comprehensive and state of the art marketing system which is fondly referred to as the MAC system. As a good leader you want to teach your team how to use the system to find answers instead of you. The worst thing you can do for your team is to become an adult babysitter, handholding everyone every step of the way. Teach them to leverage their time and yours by being system dependent and they will soon be able to grow a great team and become better leaders themselves.

Continue your personal development daily. In order to be the best that you can be, you cannot stop growing. Just when you think you have reached the point that you have strived for reach a little further. As stated in many other places- you have to work harder on yourself than on your business. True leaders never believe that they have learned all that they need to know.

Going to events is not only a way to set yourself apart as a leader but to grow your team much faster. Going back to the leading by example- if you are telling your team, "go to the WBE's, go to the Synergy Link calls, go to the Synergy Summits", but are never there yourself they are going to think it is not important. Be visible, be active, be there.

Platinum One Destinations is only as good as its' leaders and fortunately we have the best. Model them, listen to them, and follow them and you will reach the success you not only desire but deserve. See you at the next event!

Enhancing Your Platinum One Destinations Business With

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You should work harder on yourself than you do on your business.

Personal development is important in your Platinum One Destinations business, or in every part of your life for that matter and the Synergy Marketing Group does an outstanding job bringing different speakers, trainers, and motivational coaches to the SMG-University twice a month. In addition to these special events, you should seek out other forms of personal development so that you can constantly change and evolve within your P1D business.

One of the trainers that I mentor is Dani Johnson. It was quite by accident that in January I ended up at her First Steps to Success in Atlanta. Life changing is not the word for it. The training- both business and personal- that you receive at that event is indescribable. It makes you realize exactly who you are and where you were meant to go. Four First Steps later and I still learn different things at each event.

Fortunately, her training doesn't stop there. is a website created to teach people how to explode their business. Anytime I talk to anyone who is in a home business- whether it be Platinum One Destinations or not- I direct them to that site. Within is the Work At Home Profit Zone where you can register for free to begin training right away. There are hundreds of archived calls in the vault- everything from prospecting to closing to personal growth. You name it, its there.

There is also a Quick Start training that you can do within the Work at Home Profit Zone. This is specifically designed to get a new team member off and running. One of my friends and business partners, Chelle, says that her team members who have done the Dani training in addition to the training with Platinum One Destinations are by far the most proficient team members that she has seen.

This week I listened to my favorite set of Cd's that Dani Johnson has created- Prospect and Close your Way to Mllions. This is an awesome learning tool as most of the Cd's involve Dani troubleshooting with people at a seminar. You can learn from listening exactly what mistakes you have been making on your calls. Dani has a whole list of great Cd's and DVDs that you can choose from and they are all packed with a wealth of information.

I have mentioned her script books in previous posts and I still swear by them. Used as a guideline, there is every script imaginable in there. Warm market, cold market, situational prospecting, overcoming objections- just pages of knowledgeable material.

In using trainers in assisting you to build your Platinum One Destinations business you will find that your learning curve is shortened so much. If you have not yet gotten started and so don't have access to the wealth of great training within our MAC, I would encourage you to go sign up for the Work at Home Profit Zone and get started while you are making your decision. It will be one of the best choices that you make.

Platinum One Destinations Kicks Off Thier Fall Launch Tour

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On August 16th Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group will kick off their Fall Launch Tour- World Wind West with an all day online event. This event, beginning at 10 am est, will be chock full of not only business information, but training segments, and new product upgrades and announcements. This event will mark the first of many over the upcoming months to share the innovative techniques of the P1D business with potential members.

Synergy Certified Instructors and business Founders will be presenting throughout the day with the line up having presentations such as:

Turn $148 in SIX FIGURES in Your First Year in P1D

Platinum One Destinations Products

P1D Universal Plan Blueprint

Following Up and Converting Your Prospects Into Team Members

and Accelerated Wealth Strategies.

With this Fall Launch Tour, Platinum One Destinations and Synergy Marketing Group leaders show once again how committed they are to not only assisting members but educating those looking at a way to create a substantial income with a home based business.

Based in the travel business, P1D offers members more than the traditional travel business. With Nettrav, their unique travel booking portal and online social networking are, P1D beats the competitors hands down. Affiliates are able to book travel at prices competitive to big names such as Travelocity and Expedia while earning a commission on all travel booked at their site. Nettrav also offers an additional income stream by available to members who chose to market the Nettrav site itself.

In addition, the P1D exclusive membership offers a way for members to travel at wholesale instead of retail and offers a one-of-a-kind concierge service in which members may call and have someone assist them with their entire travel itinerary. Complete with a website in which a small part of the inventory is displayed, the overall picture of the Platinum One Destinations product is incredible.

Behind the product the Synergy Marketing Group comes to life with their cutting edge MAC system and extensive training curriculum. With daily opportunities in which top earners within the business present the business plan, even the novice member can get started very quickly. A detailed back office allows the P1D business partner to keep track of, automatically follow up with, and plan out their business daily.

With this Fall Launch Tour, P1D is gearing up for the busiest time in the home business industry. The purpose is two fold- expose the business to as many new people as possible while assisting current members with their learning assist them in building their business.

Registration is not required-

August 16th Beginning at 10 am est time, online at and via phone at 218-486-1408 4488#.

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