Platinum One Destinations, NetTrav, Synergy Marketing Group- 4 Tips to Avoid a Scam

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In today's' society you have got to be careful not to get scammed. When introducing people to my Platinum One Destinations business that is the biggest fear that I seem to encounter. People will say things like, "I have been scammed" or "I am not looking to get ripped off", or "I shouldn't have to pay money to make money".

First and foremost- do your homework. Whatever business you are looking at whether it be P1D or not you have got to look at the information. Read everything you can, ask questions, and make sure you understand the costs before getting started.

Here are a few ways you can look at the Platinum One Destinations Information:

P1D Business report

Main Go P1D web page

Article on Platinum One Destinations from True Wealth Magazine

Second, talk to some people in the business to see who you will be working with. Have a few phone conversations and find out how closely your team will work together. Ask what training is in place and how you can access it. Be wary of businesses that want you to purchase before they will talk to you.

Here are a couple of ways to meet people in the Platinum One Destinations home business:

Contact me Bob Biss at my toll free voice mail 800-576-2790 or email me at

Attend one of the Synergy Marketing Groups Wealth Building Events. Sign up here.

Thirdly, be nervous of guarantees. A lot of the scams out there guarantee that you will make a certain income almost immediately if "you follow their formula to a T". No one can guarantee that you will make money. If you sit on the couch and do nothing your going to make nothing. If it were that easy everyone would do it. However, most home businesses do have a good system that you can follow and if you do it will assist you in making money faster.

Lastly, realize that all home businesses are not scams if they want you to make an investment. If you are going into business for yourself it is going to cost you. It will cost you your time, money, and energy. However, you should be able to find out all of the costs upfront so that you know what you are getting into. With Platinum One Destinations you can position yourself to make money by investing anywhere from purchasing a Nettrav and affiliate membership for $150 to getting the Platinum membership package at $15,000. How little or how much depends on how little or how much you want to make.

Platinum One Destinations: Turn a Daily $50 Commission Into $15,000 a Month With NetTrav

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On tonight's Synergy Link Team Rally call hosted by Nitsa Nakos co-founder of the Synergy Marketing Group she described how you can turn a $50 a day Nettrav commission into a $15,000 a month income in your Platinum One Destinations home business. Sounds too good to be true? This is how it works.

Many times when speaking with people on the phone they see the opportunity in Platinum One Destinations but may be being held back by one of many reasons. One of these may be not believing enough to make the full investment in getting started. Nettrav provides the opportunity to get those peoples' foot in the door. With a small investment of $148 ($99 for Nettrav site and $49 P1D affiliate fee) people are able to begin creating an income for themselves and see much more of what the opportunity has to offer. From having sales with this investment you will make a $50 commission.

You may be saying, "How does a sale of $50 a day turn into $15,000?" Selling one Nettrav a day is easy- they practically sell themselves. Who doesn't want a way to book competitive travel for themselves, their friends, and their family while making a commission? Who doesn't want a way to sell those satisfied people a Nettrav site of their own?

Once people have purchased their Nettrav site that is where your job begins. The law of averages shows time and time again that if properly exposed people will move forward and upward on their own. But what does that mean for you?

The Synergy Marketing Group has a great system in place with their websites, their training, their weekly calls, their monthly Synergy Summits- all for the purpose of promoting Platinum One Destinations. Once you have people signed up, get them plugged in. Show them the synergy of the team, the excitement, the money just waiting to be had.

Nitsa said on tonight's call that Platinum One Destinations average commission is $1700. WOW! And that so far over $1.6 million dollars has been paid out since the beginning of soft launch. She also stated that on average when immersed in our system and when plugged into the day to day activities 30% of people will upgrade once they have tried out Nettrav and have seen more of what P1D has to offer.

That is where the $15,000 a month comes in. Sell 30 Nettrav sites a month ($50 X 30= $1500 nice in itself) and then expose those 30 people to all the SMG has to offer. After being there, being a great leader, assisting them to their goals, and plugging them in, if 30% upgrade at an average of $1700 that leads to 9 upgrades and $15,300 in total commissions. That is over $180,000 a year to be made just in selling Nettrav sites.

So the next time you think, "I don't want a little $50 commission"- think again.

Platinum One Destinations: Accountability in Your Business

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You have entered into a journey of free enterprise in your Platinum One Destinations business. A home business that is your own, where you call your own shots, you make your own hours, and you control your own destiny. But now the question of accountability comes up. Who are you really accountable to in your home business and how can that accountability help you or hurt you?

What exactly is accountability? As defined by Merriam- Webster's Dictionary accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions. In your home business this may mean being responsible to yourself, to your business partners and teammates, and to the business that you are representing.

Let's start with being accountable to yourself. Your home business is now your livelihood- whether it be full or part time- and you must decide what you are going to make of it. How are you going to set yourself up to be sure that you accomplish what you set out to do in your P1D business? Do you have the self motivation to do what it takes everyday or are you one to procrastinate unless you have someone looking over your shoulder?Either way it is best to set yourself up early on with a checks and balances system. In setting this up not only are you following a guideline for your business but you are also setting up habits that will assist you as you move forward everyday. With this guideline you are able to end each day seeing if you accomplished what you set out to do, keeping your finger on the pulse of what is working for you and what is not, and holding yourself responsible for the steps you are taking in running your business.

This outline can be as simple or as detailed as it needs to be depending on your personality. Some examples of what can be in your guideline can include: the number of people you are going to connect with and introduce your business to, the number of hours you are going to protect to work your business, a specific email you are going to get out to your pipeline, the number of calls you are going to make, what personal development you are going to do for the day- the list can go on and on.

In making this list keep in mind that you want to keep your daily goals attainable yet a little uncomfortable. This will keep you growing but yet not discourage you by being out of reach no matter what you do. Don't beat yourself up if you do not cross off each and every item. Instead reflect on why you didn't get to that item and figure out how you can get to it the next day.

As you make yourself accountable for your personal actions in your home business, you are leading up to your responsibility to your team members. Whether you are in the position of being a team leader or not, you have certain duties that come with being a professional business developer. Each business is different in how it is run, but in Platinum One Destinations, like most other home businesses, success is derived by duplication. To be able to reach this point you have got to decide what your role in your team is going to be and how responsible you want to make yourself in assisting others to the success that they desire.

Now, as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink, the same is true for your team members and the success they have for their business. You are accountable for your actions and your actions alone, but your actions will determine how others respond and become responsible for themselves. People follow what they see and what they learn so in being accountable to yourself and your team you are teaching your team to be accountable to themselves and their team.

So in what ways are you accountable for the contribution of your team? First, don't take on a duty that you cannot perform. Whether it be running a team forum or prospecting clinic, giving a presentation, making an appointment for a three way call be organized enough yourself to know that you are going to be able to be there. Yes, emergencies do come up but in today's society of high tech you can conduct the business you appointed yourself to almost anywhere.

Next, share what you know and what you learn. Keeping important knowledge to yourself is not only being selfish but holding your team back. If you learn something exciting and good for your business share it. In turn you will receive information others have learned increasing your knowledge and shortening your learning curve in your quest for success.

Finally, set up an accountability plan within your team. Many team leaders within Platinum One Destinations encourage their new business partners to send them a daily email. This is not to micro-manage but to teach people how to become accountable to themselves and really examine what they have accomplished in a day.

Sometimes, you may believe that you are really getting less done than you think but until you put it down on paper you do not realize what else you could have accomplished that day.Your final accountability factor lies in your responsibility to the business that you are representing. Although you are in free enterprise you are most likely still selling a companies products or services and therefore should still conduct yourself professionally. Treat your business as a business and others will respect what you do and who you represent. Do not misrepresent to people what you are selling, the price you are selling it at, how it works, or any other aspect of your business.

Integrity becomes an important factor in your accountability. Be true to yourself, true to your team, and true to your business. The key to making your business work and expanding your team is setting up your responsibilities from day one. Determine your strengths and weaknesses and work on them both.

Accountability-the willingness to be responsible for one's own actions. Use this and you will master one key to becoming successful in your home business.

Platinum One Destinations NetTrav Released

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The Synergy Marketing Group announced Tuesday, April 22nd that Nettrav is now ready for release. Announced on the Synergy Link Team Rally, the weekly informational call, this highly anticipated release was music to members ears. Also announced was the release of the P1D travel site- a site for marketing the Platinum One Destinations product as a stand alone product.

What is Nettrav? Predicted to become a household name within ten years, Nettrav is a website that will compete with big names such as and where anyone can go to book travel at competitive prices. What makes Nettrav different is that there is no each member has their own replicated site and will make commissions off of the bookings their site receives.

Each owner of a replicated Nettrav site can use their site to generate income in three different ways. The first is by directing friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else they know to their specific Nettrav site. Once travel is booked and completed they will receive a portion of the commission depending on their level of membership- a percentage ranging from 50%- 80% of the total commission.

The second way is by selling replicated Nettrav sites. Nettrav members may sell the $99 sites and receive a $50 commission for each site sold. This has a yearly renewal and each year the original member will continue to receive the $50 commission as people renew their Nettrav site. Just one trip as a Nettrav member may not only pay for the cost of the site but gain them additional commission on their own booking.

The third way to make money with your Nettrav site is by being a Platinum One Destinations member and being put into the round robin rotation. As a P1D silver, gold, or platinum executive marketing associate member you will automatically be placed into a rotation and every time just is typed in the person searching will automatically be directed to a members replicated site. Not only is this great for a member but it also means that the company is not making sales of their own. Each person booking on a Nettrav site is booking with a member- not the corporation.

The P1D travel site also announced is a way for Platinum One Destinations members to market their product to individuals just looking for travel memberships without the business opportunity. This site guides people to either find out about membership, book travel, or purchase a Nettrav site. The release of Nettrav and the P1D Travel site signals just one more step in the progress of the evolution of the travel industry that is being created by Platinum One Destinations.

Platinum One Destinations: Confidence In and Out of Your Business

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got the idea for this post while making calls for my Platinum One Destinations home business. What one woman said to me really touched me down deep and made me want to do anything I could, whatever I could, to make her see in herself what I could tell was a strong inner core.

Confidence. Just saying the word can bring a straightening of my shoulders, the slump out of my back and the strength back to my voice. Confidence- a word that can make you or break you in your P1D business, your relationships, your work- in basically any area of your life.

What this woman said to me was this. "I am 37, a stay at home mom of four kids, with no skills who is going through a divorce. I don't want to work for $8 an hour but I cannot find anything that I would be good at." No skills, no skills- just managing four children to me is an amazing task. I get overwhelmed by just one some days and cannot even imagine two let alone four. Stay at home moms have so many skills, skills they do not even know that they possess. Authority, organization, compassion, and the ability to multitask just to name a few.

While I disagree with what she is saying, I can understand and really empathize with where she is coming from. Going through emotional turmoil, whether it be a divorce, losing your job, feeling financially out of control, or feeling like you have lost your purpose can have a toll on your confidence and your self worth. What matters though is not where you came from but where you are going to go.

There are so many people in this business who took that leap of faith and whether they lacked confidence in themselves or in the skills in this business, I get so excited to see what they have made and where they now have focused their lives now that they are a part of the Synergy Marketing Group.

Carol McCord was a stay at home mom for many years when her husband lost over half of his income as a pilot due to 9/11. Carol went looking to get back into banking after holding "fun" jobs in a dress shop and found that banking had changed in twenty years and that she couldn't get a job paying the $30,000 that she had been making when she left. She started in Platinum One Destinations and she will be the first to say that she had no confidence in herself and her abilities to make it. Three and a half years later she is now one of the top income earners in our business.

Due to a son who was born with some health problems, Brett Waddell had to find another source of income then cleaning the kitchen grease hoods. While he made good money he was away from his family at all hours since he couldn't do his job unless the restaurants were closed. His challenge- he really didn't know anything about computers. He barely knew email, he didn't know how to copy and paste.His solution was plugging into the system that the Synergy Marketing Group provides for members of Platinum One Destinations. Within a short time Brett gained the skills and the confidence of being on the computer and now not only has he had several $20,000+ months in his business, he also runs the morning motivator Monday through Friday. It is his way of helping others gain the confidence and motivation they need in their business.

Holly Marshall was no stranger to home businesses but her lack of success and her mounting bills had gotten her to the point where she felt like a failure. It seemed no matter what she tried it didn't work. Her self esteem was shot and her house was in foreclosure. Enter Platinum One Destinations. She knew in her gut this was the one that was going to change things around. Digging deep she found the courage to borrow the money from a family member to get started. She was right it. P1D was the right one and now she has not only gained her confidence back but has remodeled her house now that it is out of foreclosure.

These three examples show me that no matter where people come from, no matter what their circumstances it is possible. When I speak with people on the phone that have seemed to have lost their zest for life and their confidence in their abilities I just want to show them story after story and hope that they realize that it can be done.

Whether they come into Platinum One Destinations or not all that I can hope for is that maybe one word or one sentence that I say will give them back that hope again. The hope and the faith and the belief that THEY can achieve anything they want to. And if that gives them the confidence to move forward in any direction than my day was well spent.

Platinum One Destinations: What Do You Mean Investment?

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"Why should I have to pay to work at home?" During the course of talking to potential business partners I have come across this question quite a bit. Sometimes with all of the different places that advertisers place ads for people who are looking to generate an income from home, people may believe that what they are applying for is a job and not a opportunity to open a home based business.

Ninety nine percent of work at home ads that are on the internet, in the paper, or on flyers are not a solicitation for a job but an offer to screen you as a potential business partner. It is also an opportunity for you to screen a business and to make sure that what you chose is a right fit for you.

Investing to get a product or membership, business tools, to learn new training methods, or to become certified for a speciality are all a part of being a business owner. However, you should be able to thoroughly research, talk to business members, and get all of your questions answered before you make an investment in a new home based business.

Once you have gone through the system you will know not only exactly what is required of you investment wise but of your time and energy. You will be able to make an informed choice as to where you want to position yourself, how much you want to make, and when you will be ready to join our business.

What the most important thing to realize is that you are not getting a job but opening a business for yourself. A good way to put it in perspective would be to ask yourself this question- would you expect someone to give you a McDonald's without any money?

Part of what we have set up at Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group is a several step process for you to be able to gather information, see our system in action, talk to business associates, and get your questions answered. All of these things are set into place so that you can have a way to know what you will be doing if you chose to become a member of Platinum One Destinations.

Platinum One Destinations: Synergy Summits Make it Personal

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Platinum One Destinations is getting ready to have their second round of Synergy Summits in less than two weeks. What are these Synergy Summits and how can they improve your business? Designed to be a face to face presentation and training event, Synergy Summits are held on the third Saturday of every month in three locations across the country. Spread out- east, mid, and west coast- they provide a close location for almost anyone in any part of the United States.

Created by the marketing arm of Platinum One Destinations, the Synergy Marketing Group, these events offer just another way that has been set up to create business presentations and training opportunities for their members. The day starts out with a business presentation given by one of the top leaders in the business. A question and answer period follow, then new sign ups. In March there were several new members who signed up on the spot- one even having her first training sale immediately after signing up.

The afternoon is a jump start for new business partners and a kick in the pants for existing members. Several of the top leaders will speak at the event in each of these locations. The subject matter is meant to assist members in building their business and on personal development. These top leaders have a proven track record in Platinum One Destinations and to be able to meet them in person gives prospective members insight into the fact that they are normal everyday people- just ones making a great income from home.

The evening rounds out with a social event. This provides a fun atmosphere for members to get to know each other, trade stories, and create new ones. It makes a business that is mainly phone and web based in one word- real. Strong friendships form, new ideas are traded, and a great time is had by all.

A potential business partner will gain the following benefits by attending a Synergy Summit. They will meet top leaders and members of Platinum One Destinations and they will have an outstanding overview of the business opportunity. They will see the excitement that is a part of the Synergy Marketing Group on a daily basis.

The Synergy Summits are just an added feature to an already outstanding marketing program. Formed by proven professionals in the network marketing arena, the Synergy Marketing Group stays one step ahead of the crowd. Couple that with an incredible product and you have a match that cannot be beat.

Platinum One Destinations- What is Network Marketing?

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As we move into the final phases of our soft launch with the Synergy Marketing Group joining with Platinum One Destinations I couldn't be prouder of the business that I am involved with. Awesome, innovative product, a lucrative compensation plan, and a great, yet simple system- we have it all.

But where did it all start? Network marketing has been around for over 5o years. During most of this time network marketing- a business that has a network of people doing the distribution instead of the typical storefront- has gotten a bad rap. The terms scams, pyramids, illegal are often muttered in the same sentence. However, what the average joe does not know is that network marketing produces some of the best products on the market today along with providing a very nice income for those who chose to make it a true business. Some of the worlds top companies fall into the network marketing category and there are network marketing companies that outperform huge traditional businesses on a year in year out basis. In fact, big companies often have smaller subsidiaries that are in the network marketing arena.

Sure there are scams out there but that is the case with almost every business, every product, and every walk of life that you will come across. It is up to you to do your due diligence and find the right business for you. 7 tips of how to find the right home business for you will follow in a later post. Network marketing is just that- networking to promote your business, connecting with people, assisting them to create their dreams and desires.

Inside of network marketing there are different types of businesses one of them being a direct sales business. In a direct sales business the majority of the profit a person makes is off of the sale of the direct product, usually resulting in very little in the way of residual income. There is also mlm (multi level marketing) which usually has very low upfront commissions as people on upwards levels each get a percentage of each sale made. In this type of network marketing more emphasis is put on residual income which comes as you build a bigger and bigger organization.

Platinum One Destinations is a direct sales business model- however due to our leader bonuses we not only have the high up front profit but also a way to make a very lucrative residual income too. We have over 8 different ways to make income and these can be spelled out more clearly in our compensation plan training. You, as the marketer benefits the most from each sale that you make and then as your team builds you can receive bonuses, overrides, and commissions from our innovative RTEC system building your residual income. Go to for more information on the Platinum One Destinations business opportunity.

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