Platinum One Destinations- Putting 5 People in Your Pipeline With 5 Leads a Day

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In a call this past week one of our top earners Chelle from Wisconsin shared her success with her Platinum One Destinations business that she runs with her husband. In this hour interview we found out Chelle's system, how she trains her new team members and her philosophy with her business. She opened many members eyes to the fact that the old adage "quality not quantity" proves once again to be successful.

As a Platinum Executive Marketing Associates, Chelle and her husband Jim take a caring approach to their business. As Chelle explained in the call she has had numerous home based businesses over the years with marginal success. She stated that while she never lost money she did not ever seem to reach that level of success that would lead on to financial freedom. As a result she lost her fizzle and her big dreaming and when introduced to Platinum One Destinations it took her eighteen months to get started.

Chelle and Jim chose to start at the top knowing that if they didn't that push to get going quickly would not be there and the smaller investment would be easy to walk away from. Learning from Their mentor and trainer, Bonnie, who also happens to be Chelle's mother, and another six figure earner, Chelle and Jim quickly saw success and the checks started to roll in.

As happens with home based businesses life sometimes get in the way. With a large family that Chelle home schools while Jim works a full time job, they soon realized that the number of leads that they were receiving on a daily basis were beginning to pile up and they saw dollar signs just going down the drain. Money that was paid for fresh new leads were wasted as by the time those people were called they could have been older, less expensive leads. It was time to reevaluate exactly how many leads a day would be manageable with their busy lifestyle.

Chelle decided on the magic number of five and for her it works. With the system that the Synergy Marketing Group has devised for Platinum One Destinations, after speaking with her potential business partners Chelle is able to walk those people right through the system and create magic for herself. However, although she gets five leads a day, five calls is not all that she makes. She continues to follow up with older leads, making connections with people she previously missed.

Chelle and Jim like to get five people in their pipeline a day. The first time I heard this I thought that this was next to impossible with only five fresh people a day. Then when I heard how they do it I really had my eyes opened. The way that they work their system is one of caring and follow up. Each person is set on a path and they will strive to reach them- whether it be this week, next week, or next month.

Chelle stated, "sire I have had that person that looks at the information, goes to a Wealth Building Event and then is ready to get started that day but for the most part it does not work that way." In knowing that it took them eighteen months to get started she has more patience when trying to reach people. That in and of itself was a revelation for me. I usually call people once or twice and if they are not there I assume they must not really be interested.

Chelle shared one of her secrets with us about connecting with five people a day. She calls her leads as soon as she gets them if she can. She explained how exciting it is for people when she calls them and they are still looking at her website. Since she is only getting five new leads a day, those people become names more than numbers. Showing them that she cares she believes is crucial to the success of her business.

And not just caring if they get started today, tomorrow, or next week but caring about them as people. When I heard Chelle say that she knows that even if the business may be right the timing may not and that is one of the reasons she keeps in touch it really made sense. People need to know that you are there- not just to make a sale but to really care for them and assist them to their success.

Using a very easy folder system Chelle is able to run her Platinum One Destinations business from everywhere. "With my life I never know where I am going to be working my business so I have to make it portable even if it is not taking advantage of the technology of today. I have a mostly paper system so I can just grab and go."

Chelle also shared the system that she and Jim use to get new members started. In addition to putting them through the extensive and thorough Platinum One Destinations training found within the MAC system provided by the Synergy Marketing Group, they also get them started on Dani Johnson's quick start training found within the work at home profit zone at In doing this they find that they have more capable, knowledgeable business partners who are ready to get into profit mode almost immediately.

I really believe from the response that I heard that many people connected with what Chelle was saying. My mentor Pam shared with me that hearing Chelle speak reiterated how she had always run her business. "It is all about them knowing you care," she stated. Others were excited as they had been spending lots of money every month believing that they had to call hundreds of people to connect with the right ones. I was in that category and now know that with a small budget of a few hundred dollars a month I can make great connections and by continuing to follow up I can reach people who may not have been there the first few times.

Thanks so much Chelle for sharing your knowledge.

NetTrav and Platinum One Destinations- Believing in Your Business

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Belief. The definition of belief according to Merriam-Websters Online Dictionary is a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. In working your Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav business belief comes in play on several different levels and in several different places. Your industry, your company, your marketing system, your mentors, yourself- having faith in each of these components is what is going to assist your home business in growing to its potential.

Belief is not something that you can just all of a sudden have. However, until you have the unwavering, never failing, absolute knowledge that what you are doing and what you are creating is going to succeed, you can work on growing that belief until it reaches that complete level. And just how do you do that? By learning, by borrowing, and by confidence.

Let's start with your industry. As a member of Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav you belong to the ever growing industry called network marketing. Network marketing has helped to create more millionaires than almost any other industry. Network marketing is a way to leverage your time off of the effort of others to create income- no longer trading time for dollars. There are many, many different ways to increase your belief in this industry. Do research- read stories, articles, and books about the subject. Just this month Success magazine had a great article on direct sales and home based businesses.

That leads to our company- Platinum One Destinations. An accredited member of the BBB, P1D strives to keep its members up to date. They have been making incredible hires with leaders within the required fields with the appointments such as Alexander Anolik as attorney. The Platinum Platter calls also serve as a way for the leaders to keep its members informed about progress. By plugging into these calls and all of the information within your members only back office that is found both on your Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav sites you will soon create that unwavering faith that this is a strong company there for its members.

Learning about the product offered by Nettrav and Platinum One Destinations is also going to increase your belief is this business. Never before has there been a direct marketing company, let alone any other company, that offers its members such a distinct advantage in the travel industry. With the placement of the membership levels, first class travel available before only to the very rich is available to everyday middle class individuals. To be able to receive wholesale prices on some of that travel just makes this option even more mouthwatering. Nettrav is another component in itself- innovative and practical for an everyday user.

Being that there was a marriage of two companies in this business gives a distinct advantage with our marketing system. P1D's marketing arm, the Synergy Marketing Group, is not only a support system but a group on individuals rooting for your success just as strongly as those that head up Platinum One Destinations. Combining incredible websites, back office training, several support systems to guide your prospects to- all of these should show you that the SMG has no other objective than to assist you in creating your success. That knowledge alone should give you a strong belief in the system you are using.

When you chose your Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav Business, you not only liked the business itself by most likely formed a bond with your mentor and trainer. Strengthening that bond and forming additional ones with others leaders in your business is going to help you in your faith of P1D. You must be teachable and trainable. You must listen and put into action those of your mentors. Following the guidelines handed to you will assist you in learning hands on about business building. The more you learn, the more comfortable you become. The more comfortable that you become, the stronger your belief.

The final step in creating faith in your Platinum One Destinations business is you. You have to believe in yourself and the ability to make your business a success. If doubt is in your mind you have to take steps as quickly as possible to banish it. Even a tiny seed of uncertainty can hinder you moving forward in your system. In addition to the self confidence training that is available from mentors within the Synergy Marketing Group, there are many, many people you can learn conviction in yourself from. Read books, attend seminars, listen to cd's on self improvement. However, don't stop there- you have to put the items learned into action.

Belief in all of these items will not come overnight. As you learn, as you plug in, as you evolve so will your faith in your P1D business. Whether you focus on building a team, using Nettrav as your main income source, or just retailing the memberships, building conviction in all parts as mentioned above is crucial to your success.

So what do you do until you have that unwavering, focused, never ending belief? You borrow it. Borrow it from others who do have it until one day you will wake up and realize that you know deep within yourself that your direct sales business with Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav has not only giving you a incomparable marketing system, but a strong group of mentors, an excellent product, and that you are a strong business person who is going to do nothing short of reaching your goals.

Platinum One Destinations- Recession Proof Your Life

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With the jobs being lost everyday, gas prices going up, and housing going through a bust people, are running scared. Being Platinum One Destinations independent distributor you can offer people a chance. A chance to turn that desperation of not knowing where their next housing payment is coming from to a way of confidence through financial freedom.

Jobs in today's society no longer offer you the security and stability neccessary to provide for your family. A college education does not guarantee anything except four years of knowledge. And even blue collar trades such as heating and air conditioning are now starting to want you to have a college education. Can you afford to go to school for four years only to be making a minimal amount when you graduate? Or do you want to use a home based business such as Platinum One Destinations to change the path you are on?

Traditionally, during times of recession, home based businesses soar as people turn to other ways to create the income needed for their household. As part of the travel industry, Platinum One Destinations gives a prospective home business owner a way to capitalize during this downturn in the market. Economic forecasters have predicted that travel will continue to increase even as other areas of spending decrease as people hestitate to give up that one last luxury that they have in their life.

P1D gives people several different options. Whether using Nettrav to promote individual travel bookings, doing business to business travel incentives, sharing the Platinum One Destinations wholesale membership and team building options with others, or promoting our fundraising packages there is a way for everyone to make money. With several investment levels to start at, you are able to chose how serious you are about changing your current circumstances.

In addition, Platinum One Destinations offers an unparalleled support system providing everyone with the opportunity to succeed. The Synergy Marketing Group, P1D's marketing arm, devised the websites to not only be detailed and informative to potential business partners but to provide behind the scenes training to its members. From conference calls, to webinars, from specials presentations to an automated email system, everything is there at your fingertips.

Are you going to wait for that pink slip to arrive? Are you going to continue to stress every month at bill time? Recession proof your life and start now by gathering information on how to do it with Platinum One Destinations.

Your Platinum One Destinations Websites and How To Use Them

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You started your Platinum One Destinations business and WOW! You have a lot of websites to go through. While they are very simple after a day or two, when sitting down at them for the first time you may be a little confused. This is designed to give you a brief overview of each site and what you will be using them for.

1) Your Go P1D site- This site will be one of your main sites when marketing your Platinum One Destinations business. The Synergy Marketing Group has worked with E2Impact to create this site as the main page of your business. It is referred to as your MAC site.

To get to this site you go to For example When directing people to this site you want to be sure to tell them not to put in the www and to also put it in the main address bar on their computer and not their search box.

For you this is where you log into your back office, sign people up, and have them activate their MAC site. To to log in and then put in your user name and password. You are now in your back office.Once in your back office you will find your business center, trainings, upcoming events and a wealth of other knowledge. Your business center is your contact management base and this will assist you in setting up your 800 number and organizing all of your contacts. There is a very extensive MAC training module set in your back office.

I would highly recommend going through this as soon as possible. Other important trainings include your getting started trainings.

2) Your P1D revolution site. This is another site associated with your MAC system. To get to this site go to An example of this would be You can direct people to this site and it will automatically walk them through the three steps of information. First, they will go to the Platinum One Destinations introduction movie. Then, they will sign up for a Wealth Building Event. Finally, they will have access to our business report.

3) Your P1D Travel site. This is the final site associated with your MAC system. The Synergy Marketing Group designed this site for retail sales. When you have people who are interested in just wholesale travel and not the business or in Nettrav itself you can direct them to this site. You can access this site by going to An example of this is

4) site. This site is for you to track your commissions, your points, and to access your rewards site. Once at the site you can log in, find advertised trips, look at Frequently Asked Questions, access the Concierge Service and keep up on your team status. This is your wholesale travel booking site.

5) This is your replicated travel portal. To get to this site you would put in An example of this would be . This site is for you to book travel, for you to send your friends and family and contacts to book travel, for you to start you travel tribes and to find out tips for travelers. This site is the equivalent to Travelocity and Expedia. Sometimes you will find trips that are the same as other sites, sometimes lower, and sometimes higher.

My suggestion is to go to one site at a time and go through each one very closely. Make notes and learn to navigate each site before you move on to the next. It may seem a little overwhelming right now but within days you will be cruising around like a pro. Print this out for your records and it will help you to navigate.

Platinum One Destinations- Who Do You Market Your Business To?

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One of the biggest questions people ask when looking at not only Platinum One Destinations but every other home business, is how do you find people to present the opportunity to and how do you get them to look at what you are offering? Unique to P1D is our marketing system used by the Synergy Marketing Group. The MAC system guides people through the information from start to finish but no matter how good your system is you still have to get people there. Those people are made up of three different groups- your warm market, your lukewarm market, and your cold market.

Your warm market comprises of the people in your circle of influence. These are people that you know on at least an acquaintance level like your family, your friends, people from your church, from your bowling league and so on. This group is also who most people find it the most difficult to approach. Whether it be fear of criticism or lack of confidence there is usually something holding one back from presenting their opportunity to the people they know. However, if you take a look around at the people who are the most successful in home businesses most, if not all, of them have people from their warm market in their business.

On to your lukewarm market. These people may be people that you meet in the grocery store, they may be a friend of a friend, or they could be someone you sit next to on a plane. Most marketers use what has been coined the "three foot rule" when marketing their business. Since Platinum One Destinations deals with travel it is very easy to introduce as it is often a topic of conversation. Don't be shy in starting up a dialogue with strangers. You don't have to bring your business up during every conversation but the more people you talk to the more that you expose your business.

Your cold market comprises of people that you do not know. These may be names of people who you purchased through a lead generation agency or someone who calls you off of a flyer. Sometimes these people are the easiest people to speak with. Since you do not know them and may never speak with them again that fear of not saying the right thing is not present. You can get on the phone and after speaking with them direct them to your system that discusses the Platinum One Destinations business. If they see an opportunity for themselves then great. If not, no skin off your back.

No matter which group you are speaking with one of the most important things to remember is that it is not about your business but how they want to change their lives for the better. Platinum One Destinations can be the answer that people were looking for but if they are approached in the wrong way and you shove your business in their face it wouldn't matter if it could make them a million dollars tomorrow. Find out about them and their needs and goals and then show them how P1D can help them reach those goals.

Platinum One Destinations- Scam or Not?

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You may be looking at the Platinum One Destinations business wondering how to decide whether it is legitimate or not. Thoughts such as "Is this a scam", "I don't want to get burned again" or "I am just so skeptical" may be running through your head. And with good reason. In today's Internet society there are a lot of home businesses and network marketing opportunities that are just out there to take your money without giving you a true product. Well, relax- I am here to give you some information to verify the legitimacy of Platinum One Destinations.

First, we offer a great product. Whether or not you want to work a home business or if you just want to travel first class you are looking at an opportunity that you will be proud to offer. A product that you would sell to your mother, father and even your grandmother. A product that is going to change the travel industry as it is known today. Platinum One Destinations is offering a first class service virtually unknown to those who are not wealthy. High tech, high touch- every detail is covered.

Secondly, we are a company. A company with a headquarters, with offices, and with an established staff. We have agreements that we follow so that everyone working in Platinum One Destinations as an independent distributor has the same guidelines to follow. We all sell the same product, at the same price. There are customer service numbers and emails for you to send questions and challenges to. We have millions of dollars behind making Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav a household name.

Thirdly, we have a support system that is rivals any other support system in the home business industry. The Synergy Marketing Group is the marketing arm of P1D and they have gone through great lengths to provide an extensive, yet simple to use system to show the business to prospective team members. We provide weekly team calls, hours of training in our back office, weekly live dial calls, additional Synergy University trainings, our daily Wealth Building Events, and our ever growing Synergy Summits. In addition, our websites provide a complete overview of the entire business model.

All of these serve as a validation that Platinum One Destinations is a solid legitimate business opportunity. You will easily move forward in your business once you increase your belief in home businesses, your business, your product, your team, and yourself.

Some things to keep in mind when researching the P1D opportunity. Watch for people who proclaim that Platinum One Destinations is a scam. Look at their reasons behind what they are saying. Are they putting down this business opportunity only to direct you to theirs? Have they ever been a member of P1D themselves? And if they were a member what gives them reason to say this business is a scam?

No matter what business, whether it be Mary Kay or Avon, IBM, or Ford Motor Company, all successful in their own right- they will have people that are dissatisfied with them. It is your job to pick through the information to determine what is truly significant and what is not.

Representatives of Platinum One Destinations want you to be comfortable with your choices and your decision to join this business. Once you take advantage of the wealth of information provided by the Synergy Marketing Group you will certainly see that this business is not a scam but a vehicle to take you to your dreams.

Platinum One Destinations- On the Move With Synergy Summits

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Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group are once again on the move. This month the travel based home business will be meeting in Seattle, Toronto, and Memphis. As each month goes on these informational meeting and training presentations get bigger and better as the word of P1D's revolutionary business gets out.

This will be the first month that Platinum One Destinations will be traveling to Canada for a Synergy Summit. Many of the businesses independent distributors both reside and run their home businesses from all over Canada and this will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the lucrative opportunity that is offered by P1D. The other locations of Seattle and Memphis are situated to give the stateside business owners a central place to meet, using the day to educate others and to grow their businesses.

Designed to give the business a hands on approach in today's high tech society, the Synergy Marketing Group uses the Summits to make their business real. Potential business partners come to the Summits to not only learn about the business but to meet others that are already involved. The morning is used as a time for a business presentation while the afternoon gives way to increasing communication and mindset skills while also giving some specialized marketing approaches.

Every month the Summits have a theme in which the day revolves around. The theme for Seattle is Quan-tum Revolution, while Toronto will present "Going Global in a World Economy" and Memphis will host "Go Platinum In Memphis". Leaders within Platinum One Destinations will use these themes when doing their business skills training, keeping each month fresh and exciting.

Whether individuals are looking for a way to financial independence, to create more time freedom, or to travel in ways only previously offered to the very wealthy, Platinum One Destinations may be the answer. In addition to the Summits, the Synergy Marketing Group offers a comprehensive and unparalleled support and training system to get their new business owners into profit making very quickly.

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