Platinum One Destinations- NetTrav, A Review

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Platinum One Destinations- a home based travel business- has begun making waves in the network marketing industry with their travel portal, Nettrav. This review should help you to understand Nettrav, how it works, and why P1D has the corner on the market.

What is Nettrav?

Have you ever booked travel online? For most the answer to this question is yes. Have you ever made a commission off of the travel that you booked? For most, the answer to this question is no. Nettrav is designed to change that.

Nettrav is a replicated travel portal, or website, that allows people to book travel at a rate competitive to others sites such as Travelocity and Expedia. The site is continually being enhanced and major booking engines have been added making searches more definable and the site easier to navigate.

How Do People Make Money With Nettrav?

Nettrav is a stand-alone product of Platinum One Destinations and offers people two different streams of income.

The first is commission off of travel booked at each members site. A typical booking in the travel industry has a commission attached to it- except for domestic airfare, which was done away with years ago. This commission can range anywhere from a couple of percent up to 20% depending on the trip.

As a Nettrav member alone, the percentage of that commission earned is 50%. As a owner of Platinum One Destinations exclusive travel membership that commission can go up to as high as 80%.

Let's break it down:

You have a Nettrav membership and your neighbor books a cruise for him, his wife, and two kids. This cruise is $500 per person and pays a commission of 10% or $50 per person for a total of $200. As a Nettrav member, you will receive 50% of that- or 100 bucks. Not too shabby for directing someone to a site to do something they were going to do anyway.

Now, as a Platinum member within P1D you would have received 80% or $160. That's even better.

The second way to make money using Nettrav is by selling the replicated websites. These sites retail for $99 yearly and the profit from selling a site is $50. This becomes a residual income as every year each member must renew and you will receive $50 every time they renew.

More can be found about building residual income through the sales of Nettrav in the past post:

Platinum One Destinations- Turn a Daily $50 Commission Into $15,000 a month with Nettrav

Does Nettrav Offer Any Extra Features?

Nettrav offers a few extra features that make not only using Nettrav easier, but makes Nettrav stand out even more among the competition.

Taking advantage of the social networking craze that has hit the Internet community, Nettrav has its own Travel Lounge. This is a place where people can find out what other travelers had to say about a particular destination. Made up of travel tribes- there are blog posts, pictures, and tips about where and where not to stay and what and what not to do. Whether traveling by car, plane, ship the travel lounge is set up as a place where people can collaborate to make their vacation the best experience possible.

Nettrav also offers lots of professional tips and how to's about the travel industry that you may not find elsewhere. Some of these tips include: Green Travel, Travel Insurance, How To Book Flights at the Best Price, and Passport and Visa information.

What are the Downfalls?

One of the downfalls with Nettrav is the fact that you have to build the traffic to your site to be able to create bookings and make money. This can be done by word of mouth, articles, fliers, blog posts, business cards. The more consistently the Nettrav site is promoted, the more commissions are earned.

Another downfall is the fact that Nettrav is a replicated site and if someone just types in without the specific persons identifier they will be directed to someone else's site. This is easily overcome by purchasing a very inexpensive domain name that will redirect to the members specific site.

In Review

Overall, Nettrav provides a simple, viable way for people to make money on something they are doing anyway. Even by just having friends and family using Nettrav, the membership fee is easily covered by commissions earned.

The investment for Nettrav is very minimal. Nettrav can be used as a stand alone product or as part of the Platinum One Destinations exclusive travel membership. Some use Nettrav as a stepping stone while researching P1D.

The pricing on Nettrav is very comparable to other big names sites and in fact, some of the booking engines are the same. Just like with any other site, you are not going to get the lowest price every time, but for the most part the prices will be the same if not better.

Nettrav can become a money making business with a little time and effort. Platinum One Destinations has created a solid product that will withstand the test of a tough economy.

Platinum One Destinations- 5 Reasons You Don't Want To Wait

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With Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group reaching the end of their soft launch period, they have announced some really crazy incentives to help you get started and into profit making mode. For those seriously considering P1D as their choice for a direct marketing business, now is the time to finish researching and step up to the plate.

Here are 5 of the biggest reasons you don't want to miss out.

1) Only one training sale for new members until the end of the year. For all new members who join between now and December 31st they will only have to complete one training sale to be qualified as long as that training sale is done by December 31st 2008. This is huge and will mean that new business partners will be in profit that much faster. Just this one incentive alone can save you up to $7500. The sooner you get started the more time you will have to not only make your one training sale but you will be able to help others to do the same.

2) The 20% discount pricing is almost over. It has not been announced when Platinum One Destinations' special membership pricing will be ending but it will not last forever. It is expected that when the company goes into hard launch the prices will go back to normal. Right now the prices are as follows:

Platinum Membership: normally $15,000- now just $12,000

Gold Membership: normally $6000- now just $4800

Silver Membership: normally $1500- now just $1200

That is a savings anywhere from $3000- $300. Any way you look at it, that savings will make a significant difference.

3) Activation fee for the MAC system is waived through December 31st. Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group have created a fabulous marketing system not only for the P1D product but for Nettrav as well. Normally there is a $49 one time activation fee, but it is being waived for new sign ups. That equals more money in your pocket.

4) Ability to win free Nettrav Promo Codes. During the fall launch tour, P1D is giving away 2009 Nettrav promo codes. Members have the ability to participate in contests and promotions to win some of these Nettrav promo codes- each worth $99 retail. With the last stop on the tour being L.A. in December, the time is perfect to build for that event and receive even more codes. These are great for your own promotions and for friends and family that you want to help get a start in their business. Each Nettrav promo code is traded in for a Nettrav travel portal which can be used to make money whether people choose to start the business or not.

5) Chance to be on the ground floor of a revolutionary company. Members of Platinum One Destinations have the distinct advantage in the fact that while the marriage between Platinum One and the Synergy Marketing Group in newer, both companies have been in direct sales before. This makes them as a whole more stable than a brand new company with no previous network marketing experience.

Overall, the advantages of getting your research done and getting started cannot be beat. New exciting additions to the company are being made everyday- from Nettrav, to the MAC system, and ending with the Platinum One Destinations product. This leads to a stronger business, a better product, and a fabulous way to market it.

Don't Let Your Platinum One Destinations Business "Fall" Into a Slumber

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Brrr! When I left the house this morning I definitely knew that fall was here. Heater on, coffee in hand, I reflected on the fact that the hectic days of summer were over.

This is the time of year that I like best in my P1D business. As the days get shorter and darkness comes sooner people tend to become a little more homebody-ish. Traffic picks up, business picks up, and as a result the paychecks increase.

Take advantage of this time and work your business like crazy. Yes, I know all of the great fall shows are on but do you really need to watch another episode of "Desperate Housewives"? Do you really think the big money makers in Platinum One Destinations and the SMG are sitting on the couch night after night.

It is so easy to fall into the same routine as the other 98% of the population. These are the people who say they want to make a change. These are the people who say they want their business to succeed. These are the people who say they want financial freedom. These are the people that don't do anything about it.

The other 2% are the people who take advantage of the little things. The people who not only learn but apply what they learn. The people who are not afraid of hard work. The people who are doing the exact opposite of the other 98%.

I want to see you succeed but only as much as you want to succeed. The way that you work your business will tell me what you really want. I will be there to mentor and guide you- if that is what you show me you desire.

This is one of the best times of the year for home based businesses. How excited are you to be a part of Platinum One Destinations? Then dig deep and create the success that you deserve.


Platinum One Destinations- Capitalizing on Five Hot Trends

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With so many home businesses in today's market, it is almost overwhelming trying to figure out which is the best for you. One important aspect of choosing an opportunity is to be sure that you pick one that capitalizes on current trends in the industry. You could have the best business in the world, but if it is not selling something that people want you will never make it work.

Platinum One Destinations revolves their business plan around five current hot trends- home business, Internet, online travel, social networking, and tax savings.

Home Business- Gone are the days where people thought you were strange by having a home business. There still may be some naysayers out there but for the most part if you go to an office building, a gym, or a Moms club meeting chances are pretty high that there are more than a few people who are involved in one way or another in a home business.

Home business is a trend that is going to keep growing. As the economy takes a downturn and unemployment is higher than it has been in years, you will see more and more people who are looking at a home business opportunity.

Co founder of the Synergy Marketing Group, Platinum One Destinations marketing arm, Bob Biss stated, ""The home based business industry is exploding now. When the economy is good we do well, however every time the economy takes a dive, the home based business industry explodes. More and more people are looking for extra income, more security, and a life style that is not available with a job in today's economy."

Internet- It is amazing how in a few short years the Internet has become such a key component in our everyday life. From webinars to the state of the art MAC system- Platinum One Destination takes full advantage of the ease of the Internet, making running a business a snap. Offering capabilities such as auto responders, contact management database, and online training and support it doesn't matter where you are- plug in the computer and you are in business.

Online Travel- Who hasn't booked travel online? Travel is growing at a rate of four percent per year and being a $7 trillion dollar industry to begin with four percent is a huge number. Nettrav is Platinum One Destinations travel portal, offering a convenient, competitive way for you to book your travel and make money doing so. In addition the P1D memberships offer the high tech, high touch that you are looking for when booking those exclusive vacations.

Since travel is one of peoples' favorite things to do it is also the one that gets cut out last when cutting back on the budget. Think about it- you may not take that exotic cruise you took last year, but chances are you are still going somewhere, booking something for a family vacation. Well, so is everyone else.

Social Networking- Taking the Internet community by storm social networking is one of the biggest buzz words right now. Everywhere you look there are communities such as FaceBook, MySpace, You Tube, and BetterNetworker. People gathering with a common interest and communicating over the Internet.

Platinum One Destinations has opened a place for social networking right on the Nettrav site. You can go there to find out where to go, what to do (or not to do), and who had what fun where. People can post pictures and stories about trips and get tips and advice. It is a place where you can get the inside scoop from people who have actually been there.

Tax Savings- One of the most missed benefits of a home business is the tax savings that you produce when you are running a business out of your home. There are numerous things that you are able to write off reducing your taxable income. These are things that you would have whether you had a business or not but now that you do they are known as tax deductions.

By using these five hot trends, Platinum One Destinations has positioned themselves to be in a great place at a time when home business is booming. These five components are postioned to keep growing, giving you security when you need it the most.

Platinum One Destinations- What Do You Get With Your Membership?

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Platinum One Destinations is more than just a business- it is a new way of travel for you and your loved ones. But what do you actually get with your exclusive P1D travel membership?

Your Platinum One Destinations Membership includes:

A personal replicated Nettrav site- powered by the same search engines of some of the big names, your Nettrav site will assist you in booking everyday travel for you, your friends, family, and business associates. You will have earn commission on travel booked plus be able to earn a profit on every Nettrav site that you sell

Preloaded Member Rewards Bank- the points that come with your P1D membership are traded in for the ability to gain wholesale travel. A Silver membership comes with 15,000 points, a Gold 60,000 and a Platinum 150,000. To use a condo week for an example- you trade 1000 points for the ability to book a week stay in a condo at the consolidator price. This price for a condo will save you on average $1000 a week. For a Gold membership that would save you approximately $60,000 in travel. Gives you a lot of bang for the buck.

There are more than just condo weeks. You can choose from all inclusive vacations, international airfare, exotic cruises. More exciting offerings are being added on a consistent basis giving members 1000's of trips to choose from.

Concierge Service 7 Days a Week- not only high tech, but high touch, with Platinum One Destinations concierge service you will think you are one of the rich and famous. The service is set up to be your guide to luxury, helping you set up every aspect of your trip. You can call concierge service and let them know where you want to go, when you want to go, and what you want to do. They will then call you back with your travel arrangements and your price. P1D concierge service representatives are not paid on how much you spend but on how much you save. This way you know you are getting the best deal possible.

Access Card- another added feature to the P1D membership, this card gives you access to discounts at virtually hundreds of 1000's of places. Cars, hotels, food, theme parks- you name it you have it.

There are countless other benefits that come with a Platinum One Destinations membership, especially if you decide to use the business opportunity portion of the membership. Combining your business and your pleasure will soon turn in to lots of "paycations" for you.

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