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Platinum One Destinations: Synergy Summit Recap

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This is from one of our members perspectives of Platinum One Destinations- I asked her to write about her experience of the Synergy Summit.

Wow! What a weekend! When I arrived home last night after spending the weekend in Washington D.C. at the Synergy Summit I was truly impressed. Not only did the event coordinator Wesley Pennington outdo himself with a high energy, information packed day, but every speaker gave really insightful tips into how to make your Platinum One Destinations business really work for you.

Being this was my first trip to our beautiful capital, I felt somewhat in awe. I arrived Friday evening and was straining out my airplane window to see all of the historic buildings that I have learned about over the years. Everyone had said that traffic was crazy but I still wasn't prepared for the maze of streets, circles, and turnabouts that make up the city. Boy, I was glad I decided not to drive. After a quick hello to some of our leaders and team members it was off for a good night sleep.

The morning started off great. We had about an hour for a meet and greet to talk to and connect with not only members but guests who had decided to take a look at the P1D business opportunity. Bob Biss started the morning off with the business presentation and I felt as excited as I did the day I joined after listening to him. He and Pam gave a really in depth but concise view of the business. Before coming to the Summit I had thought that since I have heard the business presentation so many times at the Wealth Building Event that I would be bored, but I have to be truthful in saying it was one of my favorite parts of the day.

During the break I had the opportunity to chat with Greg Andrews from Networker Central, one of the lead companies that some of the teams use. It was nice to put a face with a name and great to see one of the vendors we use out supporting us.

Pam and Carol then had a great "Getting Started Right" training. They did a superb job, giving us lots of tips on the MAC system, training within P1D, and personal development. When Pam talked about how Platinum One was a real business that you had to take seriously I could really see a lot of light bulbs go off in peoples heads.

After lunch Wesley gave a stunning performance on life after 'The Secret." It was a perfect mix of motivation, spirituality and storytelling. He had several people crying and was really moving to listen to. Go Wesley!

Bob finished the day out with a two part talk on "How to Turn $148 into a Six Figure Income". He first talked about the new site that is coming out, the document recently presented ,and gave great insight on how you can turn 2 simple nettrav sales a week into a six figure income after a few years. I was very surprised by how simple he was able to make it.

The second part of the talk was about advertising and different ways to advertise without spending a lot of money- sort of a mini guerrilla marketing talk. I know that ideas like those really are coming in handy for our team members who are big in motivation but short on cash.

For the social event we went out to dinner and I have to laugh when I say I am not sure what the name of the restaurant was but that it was REALLY good. It was nice to let our hair down, have a few drinks, and really get to know each other a little better. We finished the night off by seeing the Lincoln Memorial. What an impressive site that is. I was literally speechless.

Overall the weekend was great. Very inspiring towards the business and not only did I make new friends but I strengthened some of the relationships that I have been forming over the past 15 months. I will be the first to admit that I underestimated the professionalism and the power that the Summit does create and I am definitely looking forward to the next one!

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