Platinum One Destinations- Next Stop Dallas

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With the success of Charlotte's Synergy Summit barely under their belt, Platinum One Destinations is getting ready for the next stop on their tour- Dallas, Texas. October 24th and 25th's "Break Free and Nettrav On Us" event promises to be even bigger and better than the Charlotte event as P1D builds toward their spring hard launch.

"Break Free and Nettrav On Us" is the promotion that Platinum One Destinations is having which allows all guests who come to the event and listen to the P1D business presentation to receive their very own Nettrav travel portal- a $99 value. This promotion will continue throughout the World Wind West Tour giving up to 2009 Nettrav travel sites away.

The Nettrav travel portal given to guests enables them to immediately begin making money on all travel booked on their site. So whether they decide to join the Platinum One Destinations business or not, they will having a money making tool in their hands.

One of the highlights from the Charlotte event was a Friday evening business presentation given by co founders of the Synergy Marketing Group, P1D's marketing arm, Bob Biss and Nitsa Nakos. They left no doubt to all in attendance- guests and members alike- that they were in the right place at the right time.

Saturday's event was just as spectacular with a wide array of presentations focusing on leadership strategies, getting your business started right, and wealth building tips. There was even a $1200 silver membership and a free laptop given away.

Many new team members were brought aboard, friendships formed, and a fun time had by all.

Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group created these Summits not only as a training event but as a way to put a personal touch in a world that has become almost impersonal by the Internet. Members can now put faces to names and guests can see up close that even the big money makers are regular, ordinary people.

The speaker line up for Dallas has yet to be announced but if past events are any indication, those who make the commitment to be there will walk away with a renewed vigor in seeing that there is a way to make money even in the economy of today.

So mark your calendar for October 24th and 25th and we will see you in Dallas!!

For more information on the Dallas event go to

Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav's Charlotte Promotions Just Got Better

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On September 19th and 20th Platinum One Destinations will be traveling to Charlotte to begin their World Wind West Fall tour and to introduce the "Break Free and Nettrav on Us Promotion". This event, designed to promote goodwill and increase name recognition in the community has just had some additional promotions added to it.

The "Break Free and Nettrav on Us" promotion had already included giving a Nettrav site away over the course of the next few months- one to each guest who visited one of the regional event over the next few months to hear more about the Platinum One Destinations business opportunity. Each Nettrav site is worth $99 retail.

Now, as an added bonus, each member who has a guest attend will also receive a Nettrav promo code. This promo code will be tied to a free Nettrav site and the member will then be able to use this site for additional promotions and incentives for team building.

It doesn't stop there. For each Platinum One Destinations membership sold at the event, both the new member and their respective sponsor will receive additional Nettrav promo codes. For a Silver P1D membership both will receive 2 Nettrav promo codes, for a Gold P1D membership 5 promo codes, and for a Platinum membership 10 Nettrav promo codes. That is up to $990 in added incentives for membership purchases.

To qualify for a free Nettrav site guests must attend the business presentation either Friday night or Saturday morning and listen to leaders as they talk about the lucrative Platinum One Destinations business opportunity. But whether or not guests decide to join the business they can use their Nettrav site to make money by booking travel for themselves and others.

The business presentation on Saturday will be followed by a day of exciting training and business building activities for members and the guests who choose to stay. Overall, a very exciting and action packed day.

Next month, Platinum One Destinations is off to Houston for the 2nd stop on the World Wind West Tour.

Platinum One Destinations "Break Free and NetTrav on Us" Starts in Charlotte

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Platinum One Destinations announcement of their "Break Free and Nettrav on Us" giveaway is creating quite a buzz in the home business and travel industry. Breaking the mold once again, the Synergy Marketing Group announced that the latest promotion for P1D and Nettrav will begin on September 19th in Charlotte, NC.

Over 2000 free Nettrav sites will be given away over the next three months to guests of the Synergy Summits. Winners of the sites will be able to book their own travel at their site and if they choose to begin the business will be able to earn commissions off others' booked travel and by selling replicated sites. Nettrav is predicted to become a household name in the next ten years, competing directly with big names such as and

The "Break Free and Nettrav on Us" giveaway will be promoted on two local Charlotte radio stations, WSOC-FM and WBAV-FM, over the next ten days. Creating some live excitement, WSOC will be on scene at 5:30 pm to get the event started right. The evening will be a VIP occasion, complete with a press conference involving P1D's panel of experts. These experts will be answering questions about Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav- not only the product, but also the lucrative business opportunity.

The Friday night giveaway and press conference is just the introduction to the big event on Saturday- the Synergy Summit. The Platinum One Destinations business presentation and question and answer period for guests will begin at 9:00 am with Nitsa Nakos, SMG Founder, CEO/President and Bob Biss, SMG Founder SMG, P1D Executive Leader doing the presenting.
This truly electrifying presentation is an excellent way for prospective business partners to gather the information needed to decide if Platinum One Destinations is the opportunity for them.

The day continues with presentations and trainings by several Synergy Certified Instructors and P1D leaders. Trainings will cover topics such as how to get started once you are in the business and accelerated wealth strategies. Announcements will be made about new releases and the day will end with the closing circle to ask questions and share insights about the day.

"Break Free and Nettrav on Us" is just one of the ways in which Platinum One Destinations shows that it is there to assist members in building their businesses and to promote goodwill. A promotion like this is huge- just the retail value alone of the sites is over $198,000- all in free product.

To find out more information about the summit go to or send an email to with "summit information" in the subject line.

Platinum One Destinations Comes to Charlotte, NC

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On September 19th and 20th, Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group will officially kick off the Whirl Wind West Fall Launch Tour in Charlotte NC with their Synergy Summit. Not only will this event mark the first in a series of summits scheduled across the country, but several new features and bonuses will also be rolled out.

The first exciting new feature to P1D's Summit is the Friday night VIP Conference. This is a time designed to be able to mingle and meet Platinum One Destinations members and co founders. The Break Free and Nettrav on Us Give Away promotion will begin this evening and run through the duration of the fall summits. While Saturday's Summit will be more serious with business presentations and trainings, Friday evening will be the place to see that the big earners are real people too.

Saturday will kick off with the Platinum One business presentation given by esteemed P1D leaders and followed by with a question and answer period with the expert panel. During the business presentation guests will learn how P1D is capitalizing on numerous marketing trends to create a successful yet simple system to creating a thriving business. The eight incomes streams of the business will be touched on along with how to get started and how to be able to travel for wholesale and make money while doing it.

Then follows the Getting Started Right training with the theme being- "OK, I'm in .. NOW WHAT?" Get off on the 'right foot' to build a thriving business. The Universal Blueprint for Success is next and will show a proven step by step guide to success in P1D.

After lunch new releases and announcements will be made followed up with several key trainings on team building and duplication in business. These trainings are again given by proven leaders within the Synergy Marketing Group.

Over the past few months the Synergy Summits have gotten bigger and better and continue to show the innovation that the SMG is known for. A true team atmosphere is present at the Summits where people from top leaders to potential team members come together to share their enthusiasm and belief in a business that is taking the nation by storm with its cutting edge features.

As home based businesses become so much more automated with the technology available today, the Summits provide the "high touch" that is missing in so many other businesses. People come to share, to learn, and most importantly to have fun with people whom they may only know over the computer or on the phone. Strong friendships are formed and people walk away from the experience truly impressed with the level of professionalism and synergy found at the event.

To get more information on this event go to or register here.

Platinum One Destinations- The Significance of September 2nd

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Are you ready to see your Platinum One Destinations business rock? Tomorrow, September 2ND, marks the official beginning of one of the busiest times in the home business industry. The kids are back in school and stay at home moms are ready to make some money during those daytime hours. People are done with their summer vacations and realizing they need to buckle down. The days are shorter and have less daylight leaving people more time inside looking for things to do.

What can you do to kick your home business with Platinum One Destinations into high gear? First, start with a plan. The Synergy Marketing Group has created a 90 day action plan to assist you in setting your goals. This plan will then guide you from start to finish in what you need to do to reach the team building goals you have set for yourself. Putting this 90 day plan into writing will help you to solidify your commitment to your goals.

Then, couple your P1D 90 day action plan with the D.M.O. or Daily Method of Operation that is located in the Universal Blueprint. The D.M.O. further breaks down your goals to a daily basis, guiding you through activities that if repeated will over time build the business success that you are seeking. It is a simple formula- one that has been proven time and time again within the business and the team.

Now that you have gotten the mechanics down of what you are going to do, the next question is when. Make sure that you have blocked your time off for your business and have set your goals accordingly. Do not try to fit full time goals into a part time business and on the same token don't short yourself in making a part time goal for a full time business. Know how much time you need to set aside to work your business and then work smart, not hard. You want to be doing money generating activities as much as possible during the time that you have set aside for working your Platinum One Destinations business.

Maintain consistency during the next 90 days. Keeping this consistency will help you to gain the momentum that you need to build your business successfully. If you are able to work your business ten hours a week try to do it two hours five days a week and not five hours two days a week. This will help you to stay in the flow, keep in daily contact with your pipeline, and to guide people through the steps necessary for a decision to join your team. Diligently stick to what you have planned and try your hardest not to let life get in the the way of building your business.

Finally, stay plugged in. Since the Synergy Marketing Group has done such a great job in setting up options for you to guide your potential team members to, your best bet is to know what those options are and how to use them. Familiarize yourself with the marketing flow, be a presence on the calls and at the Wealth Building Events, and step out. Get involved- give a testimony, attend a Summit- and become part of the team. Platinum One Destinations has been built on a great team atmosphere and will continue to be that way. Staying tuned in to what is going on makes it so much easier to build your business and build it quickly.

Each of the factors outlined above are key in growing your Platinum One Destinations business and earning the success that you deserve. Make sure that you keep each one a factor in your business- missing just one may by the key that is holding you back. At the end of 90 days take look back and if need be make adjustments to your plan. After a few cycles of this you will be rocking your way to the top of P1D.

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