Platinum One Destinations- Eight Ways to Generate Income (Part 2 of 2)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 ·

In the last article the first four ways to generate income in P1D were covered- the upfront income. Let's quickly list those.

1) Platinum One Destination Membership Sales.

2) Platinum One Destinations Qualifying Sales Commission.

3) Membership Sales Commission.

4) Travel Rebates and Commissions.

The last four income streams are the residual or back end income. These are streams that will start coming to you once you have built a team and will sometimes involve little to no work on your part. One of the big factors in building a network marketing company is the residual income- or the millionaire moneyBold as it has been called.

5) RTEC Direct Commissions.

Standing for Residual Team Earning Center, the RTEC is a completely automated system that works with your team and affinity line as well as your sponsors team and affinity line. P1D has used the phrase "earn while you learn" to describe the RTEC system.

Basically, your RTEC has 6 different positions. Two of these positions are unpaid while the other six positions are paid positions that are filled randomly when there is a sale in your team or affinity line or your sponsors team or affinity line. You will not make profit off of every sale made throughout the team, but as the software is automated you can easily make a commission from someone on your sponsors affinity line that you never met.

Depending on your standing (whether you have made your first P1D membership sale or not), you will be paid either a $62.50 or $125.00 commission for each slot filled. Once the RTEC is filled you will start a new one.

This has the potential of giving a great bonus income to someone who is on an active team.

6) RTEC- 50% matching bonus.

If you are an executive marketing associate and someone you directly sponsor makes a commission on their RTEC you will automatically receive a 50% matching bonus.

7) Platinum One Destinations Team Upgrades and Team Overrides.

This income stream is almost 2 in and of itself, but as P1D counts it as one, so will we.

Any time you have a team member who upgrades to a higher level you earn a commission on that upgrade. For instance, if you were a Gold EMA and one of your team members were to upgrade from Silver to Gold, the upgrade would cost them $4,500 resulting in a $2,250 commission for you.

As an added bonus, when someone upgrades to a new level they then have to complete two more training sales at that level. This gives you two additional sales in your pocket.

The team overrides are a little bit trickier to explain. Let's say for this example that you are a Silver EMA. You sell a Gold membership. Now a Gold Platinum One Destinations membership is $6000 resulting in a $3000 commission. However, as a Silver EMA the maximum that you can make off any sale is what a Silver commission is- $750. So where does the other $2250 go?

The excess commission will roll up your upline to the next person who is a Gold or Platinum member above you. Let's say that your sponsor is also a Silver member- that commission would bypass him. But his sponsor is a Gold member. His sponsor now made $2250 off of a sale three levels down- all because he was the next Gold member in line.

You can not only miss out on a lot of commissions this way but also a lot of overrides if you are a Silver member. Come in as high as you can to begin with. You will save money on additional training sales and will put yourself in a better position to begin with.

8. Executive Leadership Bonuses.

Last but certainly not least are the P1D Executive Leadership Bonuses. Once you reach a certain level in the organization measured by the number of Gold or Platinum sales you have you will be qualified to receive these bonuses.

Executive Leader bonuses or EL bonuses are given out for every Gold or Platinum sale that is made within the organization. Similar to the overrides, the EL bonuses roll up to the next Gold or Platinum EL in line (Just as a side note- you cannot receive both an override and a EL bonus on the same sale- the EL bonus would continue going up.)

Gold sales are a bonus of $750 and Platinum sales are a bonus of $2250. So that means if you are the first direct Executive Leader and someone has a Platinum sale and someone else has a Gold sale you would profit $3000.

If one person on your team had a Gold sale and one person on your team had one Platinum sale per month you would make an extra $36,000 a year. And you may not even know the person who had the sale.

So there you have it the eight ways to make money in Platinum One Destinations. A little different from the first four, the last four streams of income all rely on you building a team, which will in turn build you a substantial income.

For a more detailed overview of the Platinum One Destinations Income Streams click here.


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