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Sunday, November 23, 2008 ·

With an eye on the current recession Platinum One Destinations understands the plight of many people not having the money to get started in a business. Their solution- help people earn money by giving away one of the eight streams of income- NetTrav.

NetTrav is an online replicated travel portal that offers trips, flights, hotels, cruises- you name it- at very competitive prices. The owners of the replicated sites can earn up to 80% of the commission from these trips booked just by having them booked through their site.

While NetTrav will not bring you the lucrative income that promoting the Platinum One Destinations exclusive memberships will, it can certainly put some extra dollars in your pocket.

For example, imagine a family of four booking a week long cruise that is approximately $1000 per person- a total of $4000. The average commission in the industry is 10 percent or in this case $400 of which a NetTrav member can earn anywhere from 50% to 80%. This would be $200 to $320 in this example.

If you are taking a serious look at Platinum One Destinations, the gift of a NetTrav portal offers several advantages.

It increases your belief in the business. Not only does the free NetTrav portal show goodwill, it gives you an opportunity to see the type of people they would be dealing with on a daily basis. You will be able to earn some money yourself and you will also be able to see firsthand that people are really doing the things that they say. Any skepticism that you have will go down the drain.

It helps you to learn everything you need to know before making a further investment. As a NetTrav member, you are able to attend any company meetings and presentations and get to know the members and leaders within the company. You will be privy to the same trainings as exclusive members and be able to subscribe to the same marketing system.

You can earn your way into an exclusive membership. If money is what is holding you back, having the NetTrav portal will help you to earn those extra dollars needed to purchase your Platinum One Destinations exclusive membership. Additionally, if you choose to pay the $49 membership fee you can actually earn your membership for free just by selling five memberships.

Each P1D leader and mentor has their own criteria for receiving a NetTrav travel portal. For the most part you have to show a serious interest in the business and to attend the Wealth Building Event which covers the business in detail. P1D Team Platinum gives away the memberships at our "Meet the Team" right after the event.

Don't underestimate the power of the NetTrav portal. This is a tool that you can receive for free. Retailing for $99, this savings is just the beginning. It can be what propels you to the level of entrepreneurship that you are looking for.

Go to to start the process of receiving your NetTrav site. Complete the three steps and then contact me and we will get you going!


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