Platinum One Destinations- Eight Ways to Generate Income (Part 1 of 2)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 ·

Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group has really put their heads together to come up with a product and marketing system that will work for almost anyone. But let's face it- the question first and foremost on everyone's mind is- How do I make money?

In this two part article series, the eight different streams of income will be discussed. The first will be on the four upfront income sources.

1) Platinum One Destination Membership Sales.

With the P1D membership sales, there is a choice of Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Platinum memberships are $15,000, Gold memberships are $6000, and Silver memberships are $1500. Depending on where you are positioned you can make a profit of $750 up to $7500 per sale.

Although the member points are good for a lifetime, the membership itself is renewable annually for $99 of which the selling member receives an additional $50 annually per membership.

You can make the choice to sell the Platinum One Destinations Exclusive memberships either as a retail sale- where the customer is just looking to get the travel membership. Or you can use it to build a business- where other members are wanting to create an extra income for themselves. Or both.

You become "qualified" and in a profit position once your two training sales are complete.

2) Platinum One Destinations Qualifying Sales Commission.

After completing two training sales you are now an EMA or Executive Marketing Associate and can begin to build a team if you choose to do so. In this income stream, you, the EMA is making money off of your teams' qualifying sales.

The profit on this again depends on how you are positioned in the business and can range from $750-$7500 per sale.

For instance, You are a Gold EMA and make a sale to Sue who signs up with a Gold Platinum One Destinations Membership. You make a profit of $3000 from your sale to Sue (This is the first income stream).

Sue then has to complete her training sales and brings on Bob and Amy, both at Gold. Bob and Amy become a part of your immediate team and you make a commission of $3000 from both of them. This will total $6000. Add it to the profit from Sue's sign up and you have made $9000!

Now Sue is an EMA and you have two new team members Bob and Sue whom you are training. You will then receive the profit from those sales, Chuck, Dave, Mary, and Ed who all sign up at Gold. That will total $12000 in commission.

It continues to grow and soon takes on a snowball effect as your team gets larger.

3) Membership Sales Commission.

This is commission that is paid to you for every NetTrav membership that you sell. To make the $50 commission from the $99 sale, you only have to be a NetTrav member yourself. The NetTrav memberships, like the Platinum One Destinations memberships are renewable on a yearly basis which will create a extra $50 a year for each NetTrav membership that is renewed.

4) Travel Rebates and Commissions

With your NetTrav site you are able to do more than just sell additional NetTrav memberships. You will also earn discount travel rebates on travel that you yourself do and commissions on travel that others book at your site.

Your commissions range from 50% of the commission-able rate up to 80% of the commission-able rate depending on your position within Platinum One Destinations.

NetTrav members- 50%
Silver P1D members- 60%
Gold P1D members- 70%
Platinum P1D members- 80%

For instance, your sister books a cruise for herself, her husband, and her 2 children. The cruise is $900 a person and the commission rate is 10% or $90 per person. You can earn from $45 to $72 per person, or up to $288 total just on this one booking.

So that in a nutshell is the first four sources of income with Platinum One Destinations- the upfront streams. In the next article we will explore the last four streams.


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