Your Platinum One Destinations Websites and How To Use Them

Friday, May 9, 2008 ·

You started your Platinum One Destinations business and WOW! You have a lot of websites to go through. While they are very simple after a day or two, when sitting down at them for the first time you may be a little confused. This is designed to give you a brief overview of each site and what you will be using them for.

1) Your Go P1D site- This site will be one of your main sites when marketing your Platinum One Destinations business. The Synergy Marketing Group has worked with E2Impact to create this site as the main page of your business. It is referred to as your MAC site.

To get to this site you go to For example When directing people to this site you want to be sure to tell them not to put in the www and to also put it in the main address bar on their computer and not their search box.

For you this is where you log into your back office, sign people up, and have them activate their MAC site. To to log in and then put in your user name and password. You are now in your back office.Once in your back office you will find your business center, trainings, upcoming events and a wealth of other knowledge. Your business center is your contact management base and this will assist you in setting up your 800 number and organizing all of your contacts. There is a very extensive MAC training module set in your back office.

I would highly recommend going through this as soon as possible. Other important trainings include your getting started trainings.

2) Your P1D revolution site. This is another site associated with your MAC system. To get to this site go to An example of this would be You can direct people to this site and it will automatically walk them through the three steps of information. First, they will go to the Platinum One Destinations introduction movie. Then, they will sign up for a Wealth Building Event. Finally, they will have access to our business report.

3) Your P1D Travel site. This is the final site associated with your MAC system. The Synergy Marketing Group designed this site for retail sales. When you have people who are interested in just wholesale travel and not the business or in Nettrav itself you can direct them to this site. You can access this site by going to An example of this is

4) site. This site is for you to track your commissions, your points, and to access your rewards site. Once at the site you can log in, find advertised trips, look at Frequently Asked Questions, access the Concierge Service and keep up on your team status. This is your wholesale travel booking site.

5) This is your replicated travel portal. To get to this site you would put in An example of this would be . This site is for you to book travel, for you to send your friends and family and contacts to book travel, for you to start you travel tribes and to find out tips for travelers. This site is the equivalent to Travelocity and Expedia. Sometimes you will find trips that are the same as other sites, sometimes lower, and sometimes higher.

My suggestion is to go to one site at a time and go through each one very closely. Make notes and learn to navigate each site before you move on to the next. It may seem a little overwhelming right now but within days you will be cruising around like a pro. Print this out for your records and it will help you to navigate.


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