Platinum One Destinations- Who Do You Market Your Business To?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 ·

One of the biggest questions people ask when looking at not only Platinum One Destinations but every other home business, is how do you find people to present the opportunity to and how do you get them to look at what you are offering? Unique to P1D is our marketing system used by the Synergy Marketing Group. The MAC system guides people through the information from start to finish but no matter how good your system is you still have to get people there. Those people are made up of three different groups- your warm market, your lukewarm market, and your cold market.

Your warm market comprises of the people in your circle of influence. These are people that you know on at least an acquaintance level like your family, your friends, people from your church, from your bowling league and so on. This group is also who most people find it the most difficult to approach. Whether it be fear of criticism or lack of confidence there is usually something holding one back from presenting their opportunity to the people they know. However, if you take a look around at the people who are the most successful in home businesses most, if not all, of them have people from their warm market in their business.

On to your lukewarm market. These people may be people that you meet in the grocery store, they may be a friend of a friend, or they could be someone you sit next to on a plane. Most marketers use what has been coined the "three foot rule" when marketing their business. Since Platinum One Destinations deals with travel it is very easy to introduce as it is often a topic of conversation. Don't be shy in starting up a dialogue with strangers. You don't have to bring your business up during every conversation but the more people you talk to the more that you expose your business.

Your cold market comprises of people that you do not know. These may be names of people who you purchased through a lead generation agency or someone who calls you off of a flyer. Sometimes these people are the easiest people to speak with. Since you do not know them and may never speak with them again that fear of not saying the right thing is not present. You can get on the phone and after speaking with them direct them to your system that discusses the Platinum One Destinations business. If they see an opportunity for themselves then great. If not, no skin off your back.

No matter which group you are speaking with one of the most important things to remember is that it is not about your business but how they want to change their lives for the better. Platinum One Destinations can be the answer that people were looking for but if they are approached in the wrong way and you shove your business in their face it wouldn't matter if it could make them a million dollars tomorrow. Find out about them and their needs and goals and then show them how P1D can help them reach those goals.


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