Platinum One Destinations- On the Move With Synergy Summits

Friday, May 2, 2008 ·

Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group are once again on the move. This month the travel based home business will be meeting in Seattle, Toronto, and Memphis. As each month goes on these informational meeting and training presentations get bigger and better as the word of P1D's revolutionary business gets out.

This will be the first month that Platinum One Destinations will be traveling to Canada for a Synergy Summit. Many of the businesses independent distributors both reside and run their home businesses from all over Canada and this will be an excellent opportunity to showcase the lucrative opportunity that is offered by P1D. The other locations of Seattle and Memphis are situated to give the stateside business owners a central place to meet, using the day to educate others and to grow their businesses.

Designed to give the business a hands on approach in today's high tech society, the Synergy Marketing Group uses the Summits to make their business real. Potential business partners come to the Summits to not only learn about the business but to meet others that are already involved. The morning is used as a time for a business presentation while the afternoon gives way to increasing communication and mindset skills while also giving some specialized marketing approaches.

Every month the Summits have a theme in which the day revolves around. The theme for Seattle is Quan-tum Revolution, while Toronto will present "Going Global in a World Economy" and Memphis will host "Go Platinum In Memphis". Leaders within Platinum One Destinations will use these themes when doing their business skills training, keeping each month fresh and exciting.

Whether individuals are looking for a way to financial independence, to create more time freedom, or to travel in ways only previously offered to the very wealthy, Platinum One Destinations may be the answer. In addition to the Summits, the Synergy Marketing Group offers a comprehensive and unparalleled support and training system to get their new business owners into profit making very quickly.


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