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Sunday, May 18, 2008 ·

In a call this past week one of our top earners Chelle from Wisconsin shared her success with her Platinum One Destinations business that she runs with her husband. In this hour interview we found out Chelle's system, how she trains her new team members and her philosophy with her business. She opened many members eyes to the fact that the old adage "quality not quantity" proves once again to be successful.

As a Platinum Executive Marketing Associates, Chelle and her husband Jim take a caring approach to their business. As Chelle explained in the call she has had numerous home based businesses over the years with marginal success. She stated that while she never lost money she did not ever seem to reach that level of success that would lead on to financial freedom. As a result she lost her fizzle and her big dreaming and when introduced to Platinum One Destinations it took her eighteen months to get started.

Chelle and Jim chose to start at the top knowing that if they didn't that push to get going quickly would not be there and the smaller investment would be easy to walk away from. Learning from Their mentor and trainer, Bonnie, who also happens to be Chelle's mother, and another six figure earner, Chelle and Jim quickly saw success and the checks started to roll in.

As happens with home based businesses life sometimes get in the way. With a large family that Chelle home schools while Jim works a full time job, they soon realized that the number of leads that they were receiving on a daily basis were beginning to pile up and they saw dollar signs just going down the drain. Money that was paid for fresh new leads were wasted as by the time those people were called they could have been older, less expensive leads. It was time to reevaluate exactly how many leads a day would be manageable with their busy lifestyle.

Chelle decided on the magic number of five and for her it works. With the system that the Synergy Marketing Group has devised for Platinum One Destinations, after speaking with her potential business partners Chelle is able to walk those people right through the system and create magic for herself. However, although she gets five leads a day, five calls is not all that she makes. She continues to follow up with older leads, making connections with people she previously missed.

Chelle and Jim like to get five people in their pipeline a day. The first time I heard this I thought that this was next to impossible with only five fresh people a day. Then when I heard how they do it I really had my eyes opened. The way that they work their system is one of caring and follow up. Each person is set on a path and they will strive to reach them- whether it be this week, next week, or next month.

Chelle stated, "sire I have had that person that looks at the information, goes to a Wealth Building Event and then is ready to get started that day but for the most part it does not work that way." In knowing that it took them eighteen months to get started she has more patience when trying to reach people. That in and of itself was a revelation for me. I usually call people once or twice and if they are not there I assume they must not really be interested.

Chelle shared one of her secrets with us about connecting with five people a day. She calls her leads as soon as she gets them if she can. She explained how exciting it is for people when she calls them and they are still looking at her website. Since she is only getting five new leads a day, those people become names more than numbers. Showing them that she cares she believes is crucial to the success of her business.

And not just caring if they get started today, tomorrow, or next week but caring about them as people. When I heard Chelle say that she knows that even if the business may be right the timing may not and that is one of the reasons she keeps in touch it really made sense. People need to know that you are there- not just to make a sale but to really care for them and assist them to their success.

Using a very easy folder system Chelle is able to run her Platinum One Destinations business from everywhere. "With my life I never know where I am going to be working my business so I have to make it portable even if it is not taking advantage of the technology of today. I have a mostly paper system so I can just grab and go."

Chelle also shared the system that she and Jim use to get new members started. In addition to putting them through the extensive and thorough Platinum One Destinations training found within the MAC system provided by the Synergy Marketing Group, they also get them started on Dani Johnson's quick start training found within the work at home profit zone at In doing this they find that they have more capable, knowledgeable business partners who are ready to get into profit mode almost immediately.

I really believe from the response that I heard that many people connected with what Chelle was saying. My mentor Pam shared with me that hearing Chelle speak reiterated how she had always run her business. "It is all about them knowing you care," she stated. Others were excited as they had been spending lots of money every month believing that they had to call hundreds of people to connect with the right ones. I was in that category and now know that with a small budget of a few hundred dollars a month I can make great connections and by continuing to follow up I can reach people who may not have been there the first few times.

Thanks so much Chelle for sharing your knowledge.


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