Platinum One Destinations Makes it Final Stop of 2008 In L.A.

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That's right! This weekend is the last chance of 2008 for the Platinum One Destinations "Break Free and NetTrav on Us" Giveaway.

The past few months P1D has been traveling across the country starting east in Charlotte, NC, then moving on to Dallas, TX, and the final stop on December 5th and 6th is in Los Angeles, CA. The Synergy Summit in L.A. will focus on giving prospective members a vision of what they can expect when joining Platinum One Destinations, and will provide a comprehensive training for the current members.

Friday evening P1D leaders and founders will be on hand for a live "Q and A" after the business presentation. This is a chance to really dig deep and get the details about everything to do with Platinum One. Eric Dye, a Certified Synergy Instructor, will be there to share how to make P1D a business from anywhere in the world as he shares his experience about building his business from his home in Brazil.

Saturday will be a information packed day from beginning to end. Wesley Pennington, the charismatic event coordinator will keep you on your toes throughout the day as the witty host of the show. Co founder of the Synergy Marketing Group, Bob Biss, will be giving the business presentation and it is hard to find someone who knows the business better than he.

Other topics include Team Building Tips 201, NetTrav: Quickly Becoming a Household Name, Reaching the Top: How to Quickly Advance Up the P1D Compensation Plan, and Building the Dream Business Using the NetTrav GiveAway Offer- all given by the movers and shakers within the business.

Last but certainly not least is the NetTrav giveaway for all guests who attend. This is a way to get one stream of the Platinum One Destinations business going for free. To see more information about NetTrav and how you can get your business off the ground go to Platinum One Destinations Makes it Easier Than Ever to Get Started With NetTrav.

After the official Summit ends, the party continues into the evening with the social gathering. This is the time for members to get to know each other, for guests to meet a few more people, and for everyone to mingle, eat, and have a good time.

Seating is limited, so don't waste any time getting signed up. Go to for more information on the location of the summit and to and sign up in the lower right hand corner under live events.

If you are serious about researching a legitimate business opportunity where you have the potential to make a substantial income your very first year, you would be foolish to miss this opportunity.

Platinum One Destinations Makes It Easier Than Ever To Get Started With NetTrav

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With an eye on the current recession Platinum One Destinations understands the plight of many people not having the money to get started in a business. Their solution- help people earn money by giving away one of the eight streams of income- NetTrav.

NetTrav is an online replicated travel portal that offers trips, flights, hotels, cruises- you name it- at very competitive prices. The owners of the replicated sites can earn up to 80% of the commission from these trips booked just by having them booked through their site.

While NetTrav will not bring you the lucrative income that promoting the Platinum One Destinations exclusive memberships will, it can certainly put some extra dollars in your pocket.

For example, imagine a family of four booking a week long cruise that is approximately $1000 per person- a total of $4000. The average commission in the industry is 10 percent or in this case $400 of which a NetTrav member can earn anywhere from 50% to 80%. This would be $200 to $320 in this example.

If you are taking a serious look at Platinum One Destinations, the gift of a NetTrav portal offers several advantages.

It increases your belief in the business. Not only does the free NetTrav portal show goodwill, it gives you an opportunity to see the type of people they would be dealing with on a daily basis. You will be able to earn some money yourself and you will also be able to see firsthand that people are really doing the things that they say. Any skepticism that you have will go down the drain.

It helps you to learn everything you need to know before making a further investment. As a NetTrav member, you are able to attend any company meetings and presentations and get to know the members and leaders within the company. You will be privy to the same trainings as exclusive members and be able to subscribe to the same marketing system.

You can earn your way into an exclusive membership. If money is what is holding you back, having the NetTrav portal will help you to earn those extra dollars needed to purchase your Platinum One Destinations exclusive membership. Additionally, if you choose to pay the $49 membership fee you can actually earn your membership for free just by selling five memberships.

Each P1D leader and mentor has their own criteria for receiving a NetTrav travel portal. For the most part you have to show a serious interest in the business and to attend the Wealth Building Event which covers the business in detail. P1D Team Platinum gives away the memberships at our "Meet the Team" right after the event.

Don't underestimate the power of the NetTrav portal. This is a tool that you can receive for free. Retailing for $99, this savings is just the beginning. It can be what propels you to the level of entrepreneurship that you are looking for.

Go to to start the process of receiving your NetTrav site. Complete the three steps and then contact me and we will get you going!

Platinum One Destinations- Eight Ways to Generate Income (Part 2 of 2)

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In the last article the first four ways to generate income in P1D were covered- the upfront income. Let's quickly list those.

1) Platinum One Destination Membership Sales.

2) Platinum One Destinations Qualifying Sales Commission.

3) Membership Sales Commission.

4) Travel Rebates and Commissions.

The last four income streams are the residual or back end income. These are streams that will start coming to you once you have built a team and will sometimes involve little to no work on your part. One of the big factors in building a network marketing company is the residual income- or the millionaire moneyBold as it has been called.

5) RTEC Direct Commissions.

Standing for Residual Team Earning Center, the RTEC is a completely automated system that works with your team and affinity line as well as your sponsors team and affinity line. P1D has used the phrase "earn while you learn" to describe the RTEC system.

Basically, your RTEC has 6 different positions. Two of these positions are unpaid while the other six positions are paid positions that are filled randomly when there is a sale in your team or affinity line or your sponsors team or affinity line. You will not make profit off of every sale made throughout the team, but as the software is automated you can easily make a commission from someone on your sponsors affinity line that you never met.

Depending on your standing (whether you have made your first P1D membership sale or not), you will be paid either a $62.50 or $125.00 commission for each slot filled. Once the RTEC is filled you will start a new one.

This has the potential of giving a great bonus income to someone who is on an active team.

6) RTEC- 50% matching bonus.

If you are an executive marketing associate and someone you directly sponsor makes a commission on their RTEC you will automatically receive a 50% matching bonus.

7) Platinum One Destinations Team Upgrades and Team Overrides.

This income stream is almost 2 in and of itself, but as P1D counts it as one, so will we.

Any time you have a team member who upgrades to a higher level you earn a commission on that upgrade. For instance, if you were a Gold EMA and one of your team members were to upgrade from Silver to Gold, the upgrade would cost them $4,500 resulting in a $2,250 commission for you.

As an added bonus, when someone upgrades to a new level they then have to complete two more training sales at that level. This gives you two additional sales in your pocket.

The team overrides are a little bit trickier to explain. Let's say for this example that you are a Silver EMA. You sell a Gold membership. Now a Gold Platinum One Destinations membership is $6000 resulting in a $3000 commission. However, as a Silver EMA the maximum that you can make off any sale is what a Silver commission is- $750. So where does the other $2250 go?

The excess commission will roll up your upline to the next person who is a Gold or Platinum member above you. Let's say that your sponsor is also a Silver member- that commission would bypass him. But his sponsor is a Gold member. His sponsor now made $2250 off of a sale three levels down- all because he was the next Gold member in line.

You can not only miss out on a lot of commissions this way but also a lot of overrides if you are a Silver member. Come in as high as you can to begin with. You will save money on additional training sales and will put yourself in a better position to begin with.

8. Executive Leadership Bonuses.

Last but certainly not least are the P1D Executive Leadership Bonuses. Once you reach a certain level in the organization measured by the number of Gold or Platinum sales you have you will be qualified to receive these bonuses.

Executive Leader bonuses or EL bonuses are given out for every Gold or Platinum sale that is made within the organization. Similar to the overrides, the EL bonuses roll up to the next Gold or Platinum EL in line (Just as a side note- you cannot receive both an override and a EL bonus on the same sale- the EL bonus would continue going up.)

Gold sales are a bonus of $750 and Platinum sales are a bonus of $2250. So that means if you are the first direct Executive Leader and someone has a Platinum sale and someone else has a Gold sale you would profit $3000.

If one person on your team had a Gold sale and one person on your team had one Platinum sale per month you would make an extra $36,000 a year. And you may not even know the person who had the sale.

So there you have it the eight ways to make money in Platinum One Destinations. A little different from the first four, the last four streams of income all rely on you building a team, which will in turn build you a substantial income.

For a more detailed overview of the Platinum One Destinations Income Streams click here.

Platinum One Destinations- Eight Ways to Generate Income (Part 1 of 2)

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Platinum One Destinations and the Synergy Marketing Group has really put their heads together to come up with a product and marketing system that will work for almost anyone. But let's face it- the question first and foremost on everyone's mind is- How do I make money?

In this two part article series, the eight different streams of income will be discussed. The first will be on the four upfront income sources.

1) Platinum One Destination Membership Sales.

With the P1D membership sales, there is a choice of Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Platinum memberships are $15,000, Gold memberships are $6000, and Silver memberships are $1500. Depending on where you are positioned you can make a profit of $750 up to $7500 per sale.

Although the member points are good for a lifetime, the membership itself is renewable annually for $99 of which the selling member receives an additional $50 annually per membership.

You can make the choice to sell the Platinum One Destinations Exclusive memberships either as a retail sale- where the customer is just looking to get the travel membership. Or you can use it to build a business- where other members are wanting to create an extra income for themselves. Or both.

You become "qualified" and in a profit position once your two training sales are complete.

2) Platinum One Destinations Qualifying Sales Commission.

After completing two training sales you are now an EMA or Executive Marketing Associate and can begin to build a team if you choose to do so. In this income stream, you, the EMA is making money off of your teams' qualifying sales.

The profit on this again depends on how you are positioned in the business and can range from $750-$7500 per sale.

For instance, You are a Gold EMA and make a sale to Sue who signs up with a Gold Platinum One Destinations Membership. You make a profit of $3000 from your sale to Sue (This is the first income stream).

Sue then has to complete her training sales and brings on Bob and Amy, both at Gold. Bob and Amy become a part of your immediate team and you make a commission of $3000 from both of them. This will total $6000. Add it to the profit from Sue's sign up and you have made $9000!

Now Sue is an EMA and you have two new team members Bob and Sue whom you are training. You will then receive the profit from those sales, Chuck, Dave, Mary, and Ed who all sign up at Gold. That will total $12000 in commission.

It continues to grow and soon takes on a snowball effect as your team gets larger.

3) Membership Sales Commission.

This is commission that is paid to you for every NetTrav membership that you sell. To make the $50 commission from the $99 sale, you only have to be a NetTrav member yourself. The NetTrav memberships, like the Platinum One Destinations memberships are renewable on a yearly basis which will create a extra $50 a year for each NetTrav membership that is renewed.

4) Travel Rebates and Commissions

With your NetTrav site you are able to do more than just sell additional NetTrav memberships. You will also earn discount travel rebates on travel that you yourself do and commissions on travel that others book at your site.

Your commissions range from 50% of the commission-able rate up to 80% of the commission-able rate depending on your position within Platinum One Destinations.

NetTrav members- 50%
Silver P1D members- 60%
Gold P1D members- 70%
Platinum P1D members- 80%

For instance, your sister books a cruise for herself, her husband, and her 2 children. The cruise is $900 a person and the commission rate is 10% or $90 per person. You can earn from $45 to $72 per person, or up to $288 total just on this one booking.

So that in a nutshell is the first four sources of income with Platinum One Destinations- the upfront streams. In the next article we will explore the last four streams.

Marketing Your Platinum One Destinations Business

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With so many business opportunities out there and so many ways to market them, it is no wonder that someone starting a new business doesn't really know where to turn. Even within Platinum One Destinations different people build their businesses in different ways and some have preferences for the way they build their business. My choice- a combination of different marketing methods keep you from having all of your eggs in one basket.

So what exactly are your choices? Below is a relatively small list of different ways to attract new members to your team with P1D.

Lead generation advertising- This method in and of itself is daunting if you just try to venture out and find a lead source to use. While a lead is a lead is a lead, you want to be sure that you are using a lead who has responded to a home business ad and is not expecting a job. Leads can be priced from pennies a piece all the way up to $25.00 depending on how qualified you want the person that you are talking to. The lead company that I prefer is Networker Central and I will tell you why.

Networker Central offers a variety of different lead packages depending on your budget. My favorite are the My Presentation leads which will send prospective team members directly to your Platinum One Destinations or Nettrav website- whichever you choose. Your prospect will then be added in to the auto responder in the back office of Networker Central. I have a great response from these leads- not only do I get in touch with a higher percentage than any other leads that I have used but they are about a third of the cost of other leads of the same caliber.

Lead generation is probably the simplest method of generating prospective team members for yourself. Others do the advertising and the legwork and you just decide how many leads of which type you want.

Guerrilla Marketing Techniques- Platinum One Destinations has the distinct advantage of having me as a certified guerrilla marketer. I have given several trainings on guerrilla marketing which is found in the Synergy-U of your website but the basic premise is that this type of marketing is for people who have extra time but not of extra money. Doing things such as handing out flyers, posting signs in high traffic areas, and auto responders are all simple, easy and inexpensive ways of creating people who are interested in gathering information on your business opportunity. One of the most popular methods of guerrilla marketing in use today is Web 2.0 marketing.

Web 2.0 Marketing- This aspect of marketing while simple and inexpensive takes a little more time and some knowledge about what you are talking about to be effective. Web 2.0 or viral marketing is a method of networking through social sites on the Internet to not only brand yourself, but to provide valuable information on your subject of expertise to people who are looking for such information. Web 2.0 marketing can also be used to directly market Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav or the opportunity that you are presenting. Blogs, MySpace, BetterNetworker, Digg, and YouTube are all examples of this type of marketing. You can also send out press releases when there have been exciting announcements from P1D and the Synergy Marketing Group or write articles and submit them to places such as Ezine articles or Articles Base.

Warm Market and Local Prospecting- A tried and true approach is talking to people in your sphere of influence or that you come in contact with on your daily travels. Even if these people are not looking to make any changes in their lives, they may know people that are. Be sure to have the right approach with people, you don't want them to run in the opposite direction when they see you in the future. Find out what they are looking for and what they want and then approach introducing your business from that direction.

These are just a few of the ways that you can use to assist you in creating interest in your Platinum One Destinations business. Each of them alone can be very effective, but if you combine two or more you can increase the number of people that you are introducing to your opportunity on a daily basis. Apply them consistently and your P1D and Nettrav business will grow in leaps and bounds.

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