Platinum One Destinations- Scam or Not?

Monday, May 5, 2008 ·

You may be looking at the Platinum One Destinations business wondering how to decide whether it is legitimate or not. Thoughts such as "Is this a scam", "I don't want to get burned again" or "I am just so skeptical" may be running through your head. And with good reason. In today's Internet society there are a lot of home businesses and network marketing opportunities that are just out there to take your money without giving you a true product. Well, relax- I am here to give you some information to verify the legitimacy of Platinum One Destinations.

First, we offer a great product. Whether or not you want to work a home business or if you just want to travel first class you are looking at an opportunity that you will be proud to offer. A product that you would sell to your mother, father and even your grandmother. A product that is going to change the travel industry as it is known today. Platinum One Destinations is offering a first class service virtually unknown to those who are not wealthy. High tech, high touch- every detail is covered.

Secondly, we are a company. A company with a headquarters, with offices, and with an established staff. We have agreements that we follow so that everyone working in Platinum One Destinations as an independent distributor has the same guidelines to follow. We all sell the same product, at the same price. There are customer service numbers and emails for you to send questions and challenges to. We have millions of dollars behind making Platinum One Destinations and Nettrav a household name.

Thirdly, we have a support system that is rivals any other support system in the home business industry. The Synergy Marketing Group is the marketing arm of P1D and they have gone through great lengths to provide an extensive, yet simple to use system to show the business to prospective team members. We provide weekly team calls, hours of training in our back office, weekly live dial calls, additional Synergy University trainings, our daily Wealth Building Events, and our ever growing Synergy Summits. In addition, our websites provide a complete overview of the entire business model.

All of these serve as a validation that Platinum One Destinations is a solid legitimate business opportunity. You will easily move forward in your business once you increase your belief in home businesses, your business, your product, your team, and yourself.

Some things to keep in mind when researching the P1D opportunity. Watch for people who proclaim that Platinum One Destinations is a scam. Look at their reasons behind what they are saying. Are they putting down this business opportunity only to direct you to theirs? Have they ever been a member of P1D themselves? And if they were a member what gives them reason to say this business is a scam?

No matter what business, whether it be Mary Kay or Avon, IBM, or Ford Motor Company, all successful in their own right- they will have people that are dissatisfied with them. It is your job to pick through the information to determine what is truly significant and what is not.

Representatives of Platinum One Destinations want you to be comfortable with your choices and your decision to join this business. Once you take advantage of the wealth of information provided by the Synergy Marketing Group you will certainly see that this business is not a scam but a vehicle to take you to your dreams.


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